Why pre-recorded event videos must be in your communication strategy

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Face to face events are coming back! We have all waited for this moment. It feels great to be back on the road again. But if you own a business, you know that organising face to face events takes planning and resources.

Many businesses have made pre-recorded event videos their primary way to host events and won’t go back to the old model. Others adopted a hybrid setup where face to face and pre-recorded video events coexist and are hosted seamlessly. But why? Why are many businesses saying “no thank you” to the face to face format?

Pre-recorded event videos have three main advantages. They:
● Reach larger audiences globally, because you can share them digitally, and are less expensive for you and your attendees.
● Enable you to work with different speakers and experiment with multiple retakes, removing stage fright and editing at your convenience.
● Create engaging storytelling that builds viewers’ interest.

How pre-recorded event videos help you reach larger audiences with less costs

Whether you have decided to create a virtual or hybrid event, pre-recorded event videos help you reach larger audiences. Thanks to their digital delivery your event can potentially reach a global scale, as your audience will be able to attend wherever they are, with no additional costs for travel.

If you embed your pre-recorded event video in your company website or social media platforms, it will still be visible days or weeks after the event is concluded. This will keep your business top of mind with stakeholders and attendees.

If we talk about costs, pre-recorded video events are considerably less expensive than live events. Time, venue, staff, and flying presenters… won’t be a problem anymore. Furthermore, face to face and pre-recorded events are complementary to one another! So, if you opt for a hybrid event you will get the best of both worlds!

Why pre-recorded event videos are flexible and how to use them to your advantage

One of the main advantages of video content is flexibility and how you can customise it to your audience and goals. Pre-recorded event videos are no exception.

If your speaker makes a mistake during the presentation, you can easily cut it out, re-edit, and create a polished and engaging final product. Also, you don’t need to deal with problems like speakers pulling out at the last minute due to illness or speaker stage fright.

You can record and share it with your attendees whenever suits you.

Being a virtual event, you can also recruit different speakers and set up their presentations to be delivered in different styles. This will give a richer flavour to your event and create more engagement.

How to engage your audience with pre-recorded event videos

The level of high engagement that pre-recorded video content sparks is not new. Pre-recorded content has been used in the television industry for years. To keep your pre-recorded video event interactive, keep a live chat open while the event is being downloaded. When the event is concluded, open a dedicated Q+A session and connect with your attendees. Take note of any questions that the attendees asked during the event and then load them as questions in the live Q&A! You will deliver an event that is both engaging and informative!

If you are interested in exploring how Visual Culture can assist with producing great pre- recorded video events get in touch for a friendly chat.

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