Video content with revolutionise your safety training effectiveness.


Keep your team safe with safety video content.

Your role as a safety expert is to ensure that your team, contractors and visitors all return home safely when attending any of your sites, whether that be a worksite, manufacturing plant, office space or even working from home. Producing safety video content can be crucial in ensuring your safety messages remain engaging, consistent and informative.
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Key reasons why video is so effective for safety training

Training and Education

Effective safety training videos communicate safety protocols, procedures, and best practices. These videos can be easily distributed and accessed, ensuring consistent and standardised training.


Videos can be used to convey important safety messages, updates, and changes in procedures in a clear, engaging, and memorable way, helpING improve understanding and retention of safety information.

Compliance and Regulation

Video content can explain and demonstrate compliance with specific safety regulations and standards, ensuring your team understand their responsibilities to comply with legal requirements.

Engagement and Participation

Engaging and informative videos help foster a positive safety culture by encouraging team participation in safety initiatives. Showcase real-life examples and success stories to make safety relatable and relevant.

For 25+ years, we’ve helped various organisations deliver important safety video content, including the following projects:

  • A large number of induction videos for visitors and contractors to client work locations. The style of these inductions vary from the informative guide through safety processes, through to animated characters presenting this important piece of training.
  • Short toolbox style videos, covering a wide range of safety procedures that each team member must follow, no matter which workplace they are in. This leads to a consistent safety message across workplaces.
  • Videos that support not only physical safety awareness, but ensuring team members consider their mental health and wellbeing.
  • Informative interviews with a range of people such as safety experts or team members giving a first hand account of incidents or near misses.
  • Scenario based dramatised videos have been an effective way for some clients to share with their team potential consequences of incorrect processes. Out talent includes actual team members or actors.
  • Videos that mark significant safety achievements within the organisation, which are a great motivation for the wider team to continue their safety awareness and preparedness.

Safety training video content can be a powerful tool for safety managers to enhance training and education, improve communication, ensure compliance, facilitate incident reporting and analysis, and promote engagement and participation in safety initiatives.

Understand the ways video content can assist your safety initiatives!
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The 5 step production process

There are many factors that go into producing great video content, and a seamless production process is key to delivering video content that achieves your goals.

But every video or video series is different, and the production process will differ from simple to complex, creative to standard and DIY to big budget. However, we base our production process on 5 areas: Strategy, Creative Development, Filming, Post Production and Distribution.


We will start with a verbal or written brief to find out the purpose and what you want to achieve, then set a plan of gathering all the information required for the project. We have custom templates available for you to easily identify and fill out all necessary information.

Creative Development

We create an idea that will bring your message to life and script out the story you want to convey, or consult and storyboard with your own scripts. Then we create a detailed plan for how we’ll shoot and order the footage in a detailed schedule.


Most of the video projects we produce include aspects of filming (unless fully animated content). This can come in the form of hiring our professional crew or for your team to DIY the content.

Post Production

Now it’s time to combine all of our media assets and creative concepts in post production. We weave the footage together with dynamic editing, music, colour grade, effects, text, graphics and animation to create a seamless product.


Once finalised, we then we export your video in your preferred format and offer guidance for you to distribute to all your platforms – whether that be social media, your intranet, LMS, interactive video platform or website video channel. We can also help you set up live premieres of pre-recorded content and give some tips on how to pre-populate social media comments.


Our safety video clients include:


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Frequently Asked Questions

You would be hard-pressed to find a video producer that has worked as extensively as we have in safety video content, and the common questions we get asked include the following.

We have a wealth of experience creating safety videos for a diverse range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, hospitality, retail and offices. Our expertise ensures that we understand the unique safety challenges and requirements of your industry.

We prioritise clarity and accessibility in our videos, employing clear language, visuals, and demonstrations to convey safety information effectively. Our team works closely with your safety expertise to ensure accuracy and compliance with industry standards.

Our process typically involves collaboration with safety experts to develop accurate and engaging scripts. We then storyboard the video to visualise key concepts and ensure alignment with safety objectives before proceeding with production.

Yes, we offer multilingual options and subtitles to ensure that safety information is accessible to all members of your workforce, regardless of language proficiency. Our team can provide translations or subtitles in languages relevant to your organisation.

We work closely with your subject matter experts and we research into relevant safety areas to ensure that safety procedures are demonstrated accurately and effectively in the videos. Our production team adheres to best practices and safety guidelines to maintain authenticity and relevance.

We employ various techniques, including compelling storytelling, visual effects, animations, and interactive elements, to create engaging and memorable safety videos. Our goal is to captivate viewers' attention while effectively communicating important safety information.

We understand that safety regulations and procedures may evolve over time. We offer flexible revision options to accommodate changes and updates to safety videos, ensuring that they remain current and compliant with regulations.

Yes! We understand that every organisation has unique safety protocols and procedures. Our team can customise the content of the safety videos to align seamlessly with your specific requirements and protocols.


Let's talk about your video needs

Schedule a strategy call with us to discuss your video project in detail and get all your questions answered – fill out our enquiry form below. Or even if you would like to become part of our crew network or looking for a production partner, we would love to chat.

how we help

The benefits of corporate video


Gets you noticed

Video is more engaging and attention-grabbing than words and static images alone.


Gives a competitive edge

Allows you to authentically share what makes your company unique.


Helps attract and retain the right talent

 Real employees sharing their experiences on camera can boost your credibility as an employer of choice.


Improves internal communications

Video can deliver important news with heart when face-to-face delivery isn’t possible, or help convey difficult concepts in presentations.



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