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An intuitive approach.

Simply put – video is the most effective form of communication.

Video delivers that ping of emotion…
A nod when someone understands your message…
The buzz you get when someone enquires about your product or service…
The knowledge that one video can be used countless times to keep your entire team safe…
And the opportunity to share your purpose and ambition to a wide audience.

Our purpose is to collaborate with you to tell your story through video so you can authentically connect with audiences.

So how can video content benefit your business? Here are just a few examples of the outcomes we have been able to achieve:

  • Releasing a series of safety demonstration videos on an LMS led to a huge reduction in lost injury time from a broad national workforce, leading to happier staff, more safe work practices adopted and major costs saved.
  • A promotional video released across social media attracted countless leads from around the world for an innovative new product launch.
  • Multiple departments and franchisees getting a better understanding of each others personal journey’s – changing perceptions, gaining respect and stoking emotions that embraced the business as one collective.
  • Inspiring business owners all over the country to adopt new digital platforms to enhance their operations, products & services and the customer experience so they can focus ON their business, not be IN their business.
  • Developing important video stories covering multiple topics relating to an all-in-one health platform
Simon Holt
Founder/Creative Director

People shouldn’t be daunted by the prospect of producing video content – be it budget, time or defining the best strategy. My aim is to alleviate those concerns and make the whole production process easy, reliable and cost effective – it’s why our clients rarely produce one-off video campaigns, they are long term partners.

I founded Visual Culture in 2010 with a focus on helping businesses succeed with their training, marketing and communications by producing engaging, effective and authentic video content.

Since 1998, I’ve dedicated my career to keeping up with the latest video trends, marketing strategies and technologies to help clients achieve outstanding results.

I’ve been very privileged to have worked with so many businesses from a wide range of industries. Being a video producer has given me the unique opportunity to see behind the scenes, meet extraordinary people and help tell their stories.

That journey has allowed me to work extensively throughout Australia and also in the UK, Europe and Asia. The content we produce has been viewed across the world, in multiple languages.

Producing videos with many purposes including increased sales, recruiting the best talent, educating teams, raising brand awareness, promoting important causes, attracting large TV audiences and showcasing unique products and services.

I help identify your ideal target audience, define key messages and maximise your ROI. Transparent and approachable, offering expertise to develop relevant concepts and providing great service is essential.

I look forward to working with you…

Creative crew

Visual Culture use only the very best crew. Our production team; cameramen, editors, directors, producers, scriptwriters, sound recordists and more come with many years experience in video production including television broadcast, corporate video, documentary, film, safety training, education video, promotional video and social media backgrounds.

We can accommodate video production not only in Melbourne, but nationwide and globally. Our team have produced a vast number of video productions in different corners of the world including the UK, the USA, Europe, Asia and the UAE for major corporations as well as countless small business videos.

Whilst we specialise in turn key video solutions from concept to production sometimes all you need is a freelance camera crew and the raw footage. This is easily accommodated with our freelance camera crew integrating seamlessly with your team.

Some of our members have in front of camera experience. This translates to an ability to empathise with your on air talent. And when it comes to post production, our editors are unique. Sure they are top quality editors that know the software inside out, but our point of difference is understanding exactly what message needs to be conveyed in the video. It’s sometimes about taking initiative, trying different styles but ultimately delivering to the brief and client’s satisfaction.

We work together throughout the process so that the delivery of your finished product is the result of continuity and teamwork

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