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Enhancing your agencies reputation, elevating your clients

As agency teams seek to elevate their visual narrative, the role of an outsourced video production specialist emerges as an invaluable asset.

This means leveraging specialised video expertise that offers an addition or alternative to an in-house production team. Another way to consider this role is called a ‘white label video producer’.

Our role as video producer extends beyond creating videos; it’s about making you look good for your clients while making them look good too – all credited to you. Our goal is to enhance your agency’s reputation, ensuring that the spotlight remains on your brand’s capabilities and innovation, while our creative expertise remains behind the scenes.

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Why you should consider partnering with a video producer

Meeting Client Expectations

Collaborating with a video professional allows event and creative agencies to leverage their expertise, creative skills, and industry knowledge to deliver client requirements into compelling video content.

Tight Deadlines

Experienced video crew are equipped to handle tight deadlines without compromising on quality. Streamlined workflows and processes can help agencies meet client deadlines.

Resource Allocation

Video production professionals can manage all aspects of the production process, from planning, scriptwriting to filming, and post-production, freeing up agency staff to focus on other critical tasks.

Trends and Innovations

By partnering with an experienced video producer, agencies can stay updated and leverage the latest tools, techniques, and best practices to create innovative video content that resonates with audiences.

We have along list of agencies we have collaborated with to deliver exceptional video content for their clients, including the following projects:

  • Producing a number of short and impactful videos that are screened throughout a live in-person event. These videos have many purposes including show openers, hype reels, story videos, informational content, highlighting key business stats and so on. There is no one size fits all for these types of videos.
  • During the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, we were able to pre-produce full length events and launch them to a live online audience. That style of pre-recorded event still continues, as recently we had a 90 minute event streamed to in-person audiences in cinemas across Australia and New Zealand.
  • Event coverage – absolutely we have you covered. From simply one man crew to a multi camera operation, we have helped agencies capture the event in full. It’s not just about the presentations, it’a ll the other exciting activities such as activations, networking, dinners and the general buzz of an in person event.
  • Producing special highlight videos to condense all the important action from a full event into a short video, that is shown to an external audience or via social media.

A true creative partner

Our commitment to a creative partnership goes beyond delivering exceptional video content. It’s about working collaboratively with your team, infusing fresh ideas, and lending expertise to augment your agency’s creative capabilities.

We understand the significance of your agency’s creative direction. That’s why we immerse ourselves in your vision, working hand in hand with your team to understand the nuances of each project. Whether it’s brainstorming sessions, concept ideation, or refining visual strategies, we align our creative instincts with your agency’s objectives.

Confidentiality and respect for your agency’s name
At the core of this collaboration is a deep commitment to preserving your agency’s reputation and respecting the confidentiality of your clients’ projects. When you engage our services, rest assured that every project undertaken is a representation of your agency’s name and values.

Respecting privacy
Respecting you and your clients’ privacy is a fundamental aspect of our working relationship. This commitment extends to maintaining discretion about the projects we collaborate on, especially when our clients prefer to keep their video content confidential.

Why choose Visual Culture as your outsourced video production specialist?

  • Extensive experience: With over 25 years and 10,000+ videos produced for 500+ businesses, we bring a wealth of expertise across various video styles – corporate, events, marketing, training and more.
  • Multifaceted skills: As a 3-in-1 video producer experienced in editing, producing, and filming, we offer a holistic approach to video creation.
  • Vast creative network: Tap into our extensive crew network to ensure every aspect of your project is handled with expertise and efficiency.

By selecting Visual Culture as your video producer, you gain access to unparalleled expertise, seamless collaboration, and a commitment to delivering exceptional visual storytelling that resonates with your audience.

Let’s elevate you and your client’s brand’s video content together – reach out today and embark on a journey of creative partnership!
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The 5 step production process

There are many factors that go into producing great video content, and a seamless production process is key to delivering video content that achieves your goals.

But every video or video series is different, and the production process will differ from simple to complex, creative to standard and DIY to big budget. However, we base our production process on 5 areas: Strategy, Creative Development, Filming, Post Production and Distribution.


We will start with a verbal or written brief to find out the purpose and what you want to achieve, then set a plan of gathering all the information required for the project. We have custom templates available for you to easily identify and fill out all necessary information.

Creative Development

We create an idea that will bring your message to life and script out the story you want to convey, or consult and storyboard with your own scripts. Then we create a detailed plan for how we’ll shoot and order the footage in a detailed schedule.


Most of the video projects we produce include aspects of filming (unless fully animated content). This can come in the form of hiring our professional crew or for your team to DIY the content.

Post Production

Now it’s time to combine all of our media assets and creative concepts in post production. We weave the footage together with dynamic editing, music, colour grade, effects, text, graphics and animation to create a seamless product.


Once finalised, we then we export your video in your preferred format and offer guidance for you to distribute to all your platforms – whether that be social media, your intranet, LMS, interactive video platform or website video channel. We can also help you set up live premieres of pre-recorded content and give some tips on how to pre-populate social media comments.


Our event agency clients include:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a video production related question for your next event? Check out these responses to see if we can answer your question.

We specialise in producing videos for a wide range of events, including corporate conferences, trade shows, product launches, gala dinners, music festivals, and more.

Our process typically involves pre-event planning, on-site filming, post-production editing, and final delivery. We prioritise clear communication and collaboration to ensure that we capture the essence of your event effectively.

We work closely with your team to understand your brand identity, messaging, and event objectives. Our goal is to create videos that resonate with your audience and reflect the essence of your brand and event.

We understand the importance of seamless communication and alignment with your agency’s objectives. We streamline communication channels to ensure that all feedback, briefings, and client interactions occur through your agency. This allows for a cohesive and efficient workflow, keeping your agency at the forefront of the creative process while diligently bringing your vision to life. We take pride in executing my work behind the scenes, allowing your agency to shine while delivering outstanding video content to your clients.

We understand the sensitivity and confidentiality often associated with client projects. To ensure the utmost privacy and protection, we willingly sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) when necessary. These legally binding agreements underscore the commitment to safeguarding your intellectual property, ensuring that all project details remain confidential.

Absolutely! We offer post-event services, including highlights reels, recap videos, and social media edits, to extend the lifespan of your event and maximize its impact.

Yes, we offer live streaming services for events, allowing you to reach a wider audience and engage attendees who are unable to attend in person. Our team handles all aspects of live streaming, from setup to technical support.


Let's talk about your video needs

Schedule a strategy call with us to discuss your video project in detail and get all your questions answered – fill out our enquiry form below. Or even if you would like to become part of our crew network or looking for a production partner, we would love to chat.

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The benefits of corporate video


Gets you noticed

Video is more engaging and attention-grabbing than words and static images alone.


Gives a competitive edge

Allows you to authentically share what makes your company unique.


Helps attract and retain the right talent

 Real employees sharing their experiences on camera can boost your credibility as an employer of choice.


Improves internal communications

Video can deliver important news with heart when face-to-face delivery isn’t possible, or help convey difficult concepts in presentations.



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We make your business look good.

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