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i4 Coaching is a young and dynamic Triathlon and Multisport Coaching provider offering a range of premium triathlon coaching services. Founded by Australian Performance Coaches, i4 Coaching delivers training principles and techniques used by the world’s best athletes.


I4 Coaching approached Visual Culture to produce an engaging, inspirational and motivational highlights video that would appeal to the target audience, who would most likely be athletes taking on the challenge by themselves. The video was to highlight the aspects of the sport such as the self-motivation, drive, atmosphere, excitement, anxiety, power, speed, talent, challenge, commitment, with both the solitude and community.


2 x videos for external marketing purposes on web.

  • Main Video length: 3 minutes
  • Social Media Highlights: 30 seconds


Pre-Production –

  • Client Briefing Sessions over the Phone for planning logistics for filming. This was quite a fast turn-around from initial enquiry to filming day (3 days).

Production –

  • Our Director of Photography travelled into St Kilda to film during a Triathlon Competition to capture interviews and overlay including having to jump on a boat to grab swimming footage, a car to film bike & running footage of competitors of the i4 training team.
  • A full day of footage was initially filmed to create the story.

Post Production –

  • Editing of the project included cutting the footage into 2 videos: a social media edit and a longer 3 min video.
  • Music was purchased to match the vibe of the video to really capture the story of the brand and what the sport.


Branded Content and Highlights videos are tailored to your company to help inspire your audience and to showcase your messages and services in an engaging, shareable manner.

Highlights Videos are seen as one of the best way to communicate your brands message to the masses through marketing on social and web channels. They have strong messages and even stronger visual content to help you engage with more people.

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