Why leadership videos work to thank and engage your team

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Another year almost done! How did we get here again? If you manage teams, this is the time of the year when you start wondering how to thank and reward your team members. Are you going with the standard mass email that you know most people won’t read or is it time to shake things up?

Try something new this year to ensure that you engage your employees, and they really feel appreciated. Yes we mean video… 

To help you sort out how, and learn more about why this will work, read on for why leadership video messages work at the end of the year. Let’s dive in!    

Why leadership videos work to thank your team 

Leadership video messages are the best way to connect with your team because videos communicate the way humans generally communicate. With voice, movement, sound and sight. Together with an authentic message, all this will help you create emotion and feeling in your team members. Ensuring you really connect with them, so they understand they are valued and the job they do is appreciated. Best of all, you can get your message across in minutes..

With videos, your team will also retain 95% of your message versus 10% with written text. So scratch the email or thank you card idea if you want to be impactful!

To thank your team, consider structuring your video as follows:

  1. Say thank you for your team’s work and commitment to your company.
  2. Share some stories about success, including performance.
  3. Include a Merry Christmas message, encouraging them to take time off and have fun during the holidays.
  4. Give your team direction for the future.

Why leadership videos work to increase engagement

Besides connecting and thanking your team, leadership video messages are great for letting employees know what their hard work has delivered and how they have contributed to achieving goals. Sharing results and achievements will help them identify with your business which can lead to increased  productivity and business outcomes down the track.

When you are filming an “end of year” message also talk about the focus for the upcoming year and what direction your business is taking. Or create two videos – one to round out 2022 and say Merry Christmas and another to welcome in 2023. You can film these at one time so it’s not an extra effort. 

Sharing your business direction and goals via video, means that  all your team members and departments will be aligned when the new year kicks off. It also means that people can easily rewatch the video, and other leaders can easily share with their teams. 

A clear sense of the company’s objectives and how everyone’s role fits into “the big picture” will foster engagement and quality teamwork. When delivered via video rather than email or an intranet article, people are more likely to absorb your message. 


If you found these tips on why leadership videos work useful and you wish to find out more, talk with us today to see how we can help.

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