The advantages of internal marketing videos in your business

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Have you ever wondered if your employees feel motivated? According to Forbes, employee’s motivation is one of the main contributors of business success. Research shows that internal marketing strategies are just as important as the strategies that you put in place for your clients

You may be thinking that your company has too many departments or locations, and it’s hard to keep your team engaged from within.

We hear you. 

That’s why we created a list of all the reasons why you should consider video communications to keep your team motivated. 

Here are the advantages of internal marketing videos in your business:

  • Increased employee engagement. Videos create a shared sense of purpose amongst your team and increase employee retention by creating more emotional connections. 
  • Enhanced teamwork. They help your team stay up to date with your company’s projects by sharing consistent messages.
  • Overcome distance. Videos streamline your internal communication process even when your company is spread out in different locations. 

How internal marketing videos effectively increase employee engagement

Trying to connect with your team members via email or platforms like Slack is good, but you can do better. Much better.

With videos your audience will retain 95% of the message you want to deliver, compared to 10% when reading text. In other words, with internal marketing videos you will have a 95% higher probability for your team members to hear your message and connect with them on an emotional level.

Internal communications and marketing videos also enable you to tell stories, to engage employees in a journey of building something together. Videos naturally speak to the way humans communicate because they use movement, sounds and sights and get your message across in seconds. It’s these elements in videos that create feelings from the audience and therefore connection.

Why internal marketing videos improve teamwork in your business

Recall the process of promoting new initiatives or products in your business. Do you remember the details? How hard was it to get the message across and get your team up to speed?

By using internal marketing videos in your business, it’s easy to promote new company initiatives, events, or products and keep the team on the same page. Using videos ensures a consistent message and will get your team members or entire departments aligned with what’s coming. When everyone has a clear sense of the company’s goals or products and how their work fits into “the big picture” you will foster better teamwork.  

Top advantages of internal marketing videos in your remote business

For many companies, “work” is not a physical place anymore. Nowadays 70% of employees operate remotely at least for part of their role. For businesses, this is a great opportunity to cut down on costs, especially rent. In fact 87% of companies have revealed that working remotely allows them to stay competitive and invest in other business areas like training.

However with remote working it’s harder for teams to work collaboratively on projects and stay motivated. Things get even more complicated when team members and departments are located in different time zones. Not to mention the biggest implications that working from home can have on employees’ well-being: burnout and loneliness.  

Internal video communications are most effective when you want to reach a diverse audience. With videos:

  • you don’t need to craft a ‘perfect’ message but can allow the speaker to talk authentically. 
  • your team can watch the video when and where it suits them – from anywhere in the world. 

Videos will also help your team members feel more connected with the rest of the company as they evoke emotions and encourage employees to share knowledge and company’s best practices.  

Talk with us if you need help in creating professionally made videos that keep your team members inspired. We have more than 20 years of experience in video creation and we have helped many companies create videos as part of their internal marketing video strategy.  


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