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Top reasons why video increases message retention and how it boosts your marketing

Top reasons why video increases message retention and how it boosts your marketing

We all know: content is king. Communicating with your audience, educating them, and ultimately providing solutions to their problems with your service, is what will ultimately create your “tribe”. 

But tribes in today’s society are hard to acquire, entertain and most importantly retain over the long term.

With a strong and steady stream of content available all day at your audience’s fingertips how do you get your message to stand out? 

In this article, we explore why video is the most powerful tool to get your company’s message across and why you must use video content in your marketing strategy. 

Here are the top reasons why video increases message retention:  

  • The human brain processes most information visually, making videos the most powerful tool to convey marketing messages. 
  • Adding videos to your content helps audiences remember specific details and increases message retention by 95% (Forbes).  

Why video increases message retention: science and data weigh in

The human brain processes videos naturally

Video increases message retention because the human brain loves visuals. It processes 90% of information visually, and with visuals, this happens 60,000 times faster than text (Pop video).

It’s easy to understand why video stands out in marketing: the standard online user, it’s likely to spend 88% more time on a website with a video compared to a website that doesn’t have one. And  52% of consumers affirm that watching video products before purchasing, makes them much more confident in making buying decisions. (

Message retention goes alongside this.

With video your audience is more likely to retain your message
Retention is the ability to keep something vivid in someone’s memory. Studies have shown that when conveying information, adding videos helps audiences remember notions and specific details. When you advertise your product or service with written text, your audience will retain around 10% of the concepts against 95% with video. When you combine the two, the retention rate goes up to 600%.

And it’s not only about what’s easier for the brain but also about entertainment. In fact, before reading any text, 60% of online users would rather watch a video when available because it feels more entertaining and engaging. (

Reasons why you should consider video in your marketing strategy 

If the average user is more likely to connect with video content, creating a marketing strategy with video is crucial to stand out. The recent Google algorithm update also shows that having a video on your homepage makes it more likely to rank on user’s searches. 

In other words, with video, you will not only have more chances to connect with your audience but also more probability to be found by new clients. 

By including video in your marketing strategy you will communicate with your clients more effectively and entertain them more which will result in higher ROI on your marketing efforts.

There is no better time to start giving a boost to your content with video and with twenty years of video creation we can help you make your video vision come to life. Get in touch today for a friendly chat