Three great ways to maximise your company overview video

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When we talk about video production, the general view is that video producers should concentrate the messaging to one particular audience. But is that always the case? 

Picasso once said: “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.Well, Pablo got it right. Here at Visual Culture, we think that – when it comes to company overview videos – you can break this rule and create something more valuable than a final product that is only targeted to a single audience.

The company overview video is the company’s most important video. Businesses invest a consistent amount of time, people, and budget to create it, so it’s important to widen the ROI where possible. That’s why in this article we are going to give you three great ways to maximise your company overview video returns. Let’s dive in: 

Think about your company overview video as a product with a wide audience and use it for: 

  • Internal comms. Share your company overview video with your team to keep them engaged and motivated with your business. 
  • Recruitment. Showcase your company to inspire and recruit the right staff members to include in your team.   
  • Sales and marketing. Inspire your current and future clients to identify with your company’s vision and become part of your “tribe”.  

How to maximise your company overview video with the three audiences

Create your company overview video using the same visuals and messaging but tweak details like the intro or outro and super slides to enable you to create three or more final products that will appeal to individual audiences.

For example, you can film three takes of the talent talking about your company’s purpose in three different locations – offices, warehouse, and outside. If they are changing outfits accordingly you can mix and match the shots to show the depth of the company and appeal to different audiences. Tweaking the dialogue at the start or at the end of a video or even the supers can help you to reuse the core content and cost effectively create videos that are targeted.   

The final products will be corporate videos that retain the same message but can be used to motivate your team as well as for recruitment or marketing purposes. Let’s go into details. 

How your company overview video can benefit your team

Use the overview video for internal marketing purposes by sharing it with employees, perhaps adding a personal thank you message at the end of the clip. Sharing the business vision with employees in an engaging way will result in a shared sense of purpose and ultimately increase in employee retention and productivity. 

Why your company overview video can help your recruit the right team members 

Videos convey messages 95% more effectively to the human brain than written communication does. So to maximise your company overview video returns embed your corporate video into job advertisements to give a stronger sense of the business vision to potential employees. With video, job listing will be more appealing, enticing people to apply for the role. And we all know its a competitive market out there!   

Marketing and sales: the ultimate way to maximise your company overview video   

Including video in your marketing strategy is a great way to stand out from competitors. So, embed your company overview video on your website landing page to create a strong emotional connection with all the new website visitors. Share it on your social media platforms to stay front of mind with your current clients and prime future ones to establish connections with you. 

As you can see a company overview video is a valuable asset that can be used in different scenarios and can be repurposed in the medium-long term period. Talk with us about how we can help you create an engaging and multipurpose video, call on 1300 174 773.

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