5 ways… to use video for Social Media

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Having a video embedded within your social network presence is the new black. Increasingly video is dominating the Internet. It’s becoming a case of keeping up with the Jones’ so how do you make an impact in a world all following the leader?

Imagine your video is a newspaper article, the trick is to grab attention in the first five seconds. But How?

Most popular social media sites revolve around the use of short video, for example:
• Vine (6 Seconds)
• Instagram (15 Seconds)
• Facebook (up to 3 Minutes)

There is also sites like Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn implementing the power of video. And of course we have all experienced the pre-roll videos on YouTube.

Let’s start by looking at Facebook. We’ve all scrolled through our newsfeed and seen video start playing. One thing is missing, sound. The videos that people click on have such an amazing start that the absence of sound makes no difference. Think of how best to grab that attention from the get go. Fast moving dynamic imagery is one way, the use of clever attention grabbing graphics is another and of course slapstick comedy early on works a treat.

CGU insurance is one company that understands just how effective video marketing can be and asked Visual Culture to produce an engaging animated video that delivered the message not just by the dialogue of the narration, but also visually if the viewer had the sound on mute.

We have compiled the top five ways to get your video noticed….


The key is to grab attention, fast. Traditional advertising in a television sense was all around the thirty second pitch, these days you have far less time and arguably far more to communicate.

Distil your message into its most pure form. There is a reason you are good at what you do and this needs to be communicated to your clients. The use of sped up video sequences or timelapse is increasingly popular. The reason is simple, it creates a full delivery within minimal time. A video demonstrating what you do and how well you do it will always get results.

When we as consumers engage a company to provide a service we are hoping they can perform what they have promised. The beauty of video is that it is living proof of what that company can and will provide. This is all about showing your clients and potential clients what you can do and how they can’t do without you.


Social media is so rapid that a craze is virtually created everyday. The term viral is overused in social media and the truth is creating a video that is destined to go viral is almost as uncertain as creating a hit song.

So what to do? Look at recent trends and leverage off their success. Put your own spin on something that has become popular and don’t be afraid to get a little silly. The key here is that you want people to watch. Also worth noting is trying to tie into celebrations and events like Christmas and large sporting events. Why not have your team tailor a message for a holiday period or big event, and of course imbed your call to action at the end.


People that are aware of your brand and even those that aren’t will be intrigue if you reveal what happens behind closed doors. What makes your company tick? What are the inner politics? What happens in those closed door meetings? And how do you create your product?

A behind the scenes reveal handled well will not only get “hits” but it will also resonate well with the public and build familiarity with your team. Try a mocku-mentary approach, almost clandestine and remember the humour.

It’s worth noting that you know exactly what makes your company tick, but the general public, your clients, will find this insight fascinating.


The key to any video getting good traction is the want of people to share it. Every time someone shares your video you have the potential of engaging each of their followers. So where to start, look around your work space, your factory, your showroom etc. there right in front of you are your sharers.

Recently we did a large-scale production for a packaging company. They wanted a company profile video that they could launch a brand new app on the back of. Our brief was to engage the employees. This was evidenced when the video was launched, employees immediately took to their phones and started sharing. The pride they had in their workplace was palpable and they couldn’t wait to get the video out there.

If you have 200 employees and each of them has 200 friends on social media your immediate penetration in the first generation of sharing is a whopping 40,000 people, in the second generation of sharing it takes on an enormous figure.


Everywhere you look someone has their face in a device. Every face in a device is a potential client. Have a presence. Video is not the expensive bogey it is perceived to be. It is a medium the world has embraced since the advent of movies and it shows no signs of losing interest. We are adjusting to how we watch so as a business you too need to adjust how you are watched.

Embrace the digital age. Have a presence. Showcase what you are about and how people can’t live without you.

8 Billion videos are viewed on Facebook according to hubspot.com and using the word video in a subject line boosts opening rates by 19%.
Interestingly when people hear information they will likely only recall 10% three days later, however, by adding imagery the retention rate rose to 65%.

The stats talk for themselves.

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