The reasons why your business needs video brand guidelines

The reasons why your business needs video brand guidelines

Every forward-thinking business understands how important brand guidelines are when it comes to having a coordinated image and connecting with clients. But have you extended this to your videos?

Video is an essential pillar of marketing and communication however, businesses often overlook the importance of video brand guidelines. By 2023 there will be more than 3.5 billion video users worldwide ( so without video brand guidelines you may be missing great opportunities to stand out. 

Why? In this article, we will explore why your business needs video brand guidelines to stand out. Let’s dive in! 

What are video brand guidelines

Brand guidelines are your brand’s identity blueprint and establish how your brand should look and feel. Video brand guidelines act in the same way. They set the points of your brand identity when being applied to videos.

Video brand guidelines include everything from how to animate name titles to which fonts to use and where to position these on screen. It may list filming techniques, how to set up interviews or film overlay footage. It even comes down to the best way to colour grade and choices of music.  

Why video brand guidelines help you connect with your clients

Video is the most powerful content tool, from marketing to sales to internal comms, and increases your message retention by 95%. However, if your videos don’t align with the rest of your brand identity they will have a poor impact on your audience. When your print and digital image differs, audiences can find this confusing, less engaging, and overall will diminish the brand experience.

By creating consistency in your videos with set guidelines you will ensure that:

  • Your message comes across with the desired look, feel and tone on all platforms, from your website to social media pages. For instance, creating videos with unified colour tiles increases your brand recognition by 80%. (Forbes)  

  • Your brand image is reinforced. A consistent brand identity across channels will boost your viewers’ trust, building customer loyalty.

  • Your content stands out from competitors and connects with clients.  

How video brand guidelines help you streamline your video creation processes

At Visual Culture for all new projects, we ask our clients for video brand guidelines. This helps streamline the video creation process because we know what the final look and feel of the videos need to be.

So whether you create your video using an in-house team or use a video production company, use video brand guidelines to save time (and money) that you would otherwise dedicate to:

1. Meeting the appointed members to include in the project.
2. Briefing creative frames before the project kicks off.
3. Following up on video tone and feel to ensure the final product is on brand.

If you need help with your video creation project talk with us to see how we can help.