Video production is easy…if you know what you’re doing

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Long gone are the days of hand-held camcorders when transferring your beloved footage to VCR was a worthwhile yet arduous process. It’s hard to believe the accessibility of video nowadays and the power of editing software to make what we capture on film into something truly special. When it comes to video production, the client view of the production process/production house is usually divided into two camps.  

Camp 1 – It’s easy

People in this camp think it’s easy to just film from their phone. They believe that everyone can produce a video, however, when the moment comes, they realise a few things:

  • They don’t know how to hold a camera
  • They don’t know how to edit
  • Video software is confusing
  • Telling people what to say or how to act in front of a camera is not all it’s cracked up to be
  • It takes them hours to edit (which means the process is not cost effective in the end).

Camp 2 – It’s overwhelming

People in camp two immediately feel overwhelmed and confused by the video production process. They think things such as:

  • This will take too long
  • There are too many parts of the process to master
  • What about OH&S
  • My boss won’t like it if they have to be available for filming.

As you can see from the two camps, the bottom line is – whether you start out overwhelmed or optimistic – video production is best left to the professionals! 

Now of course, we’d say that but at Visual Culture, we often find the accessibility of video often tricks people into feeling like anyone can do it. 

So, why work with those in the know – well we have a process. It’s a process that makes video production easy, saves time, ensures your message is portrayed with poise, professionalism, and expertise worthy of your brand or product.

Our production process

We help you work out the outcomes and style of story you want. It’s at this stage, in addition to written and spoken briefs, we identify who your audience is and the action you want them to take after watching your video. 


We undertake detailed planning including scripts, location and storyboards. This is where we get creative and plan all the little details, including how we keep your brand, style and tone consistent throughout.


This is the big day where we want to capture everything we need to make your video what you want. We coach talent through their lines and are fully transparent about timing and expectations. We arrange the logistics, equipment, crew, all while keeping it COVID safe.

We don’t stop until you have the video you love for any platform. New versions are sent via weblink so we can quickly apply your feedback.

We provide your video to you in any format you need for any platform. We also provide you with the raw footage.

Read this blog for a full breakdown of our production process.


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