There are many factors that go into producing great video content, and a seamless production process is key to delivering video content that achieves your goals.

But every video or video series is different, and the production process will differ from simple to complex, creative to standard and DIY to big budget. However, we base our production process on 5 areas: Strategy, Creative Development, Filming, Post Production and Distribution.

Understand the purpose and develop a strategy

With all great video content comes a great strategy. So, we will start with a verbal or written brief to find out the purpose and what you want to achieve, then set a plan of gathering all the information required for the project.

We have custom templates available for you to easily identify and fill out all necessary information.

For interview or presenter based content, we find out what story you want to tell, who will front the camera and the question set or video messaging structure.

Another important element of strategy is to identify who your audience is, what action you want them to take after watching the video and what platform will they see the video.

Develop the creative

We create an idea that will bring your message to life and script out the story you want to convey, or consult and storyboard with your own scripts. Then we create a detailed plan for how we’ll shoot and order the footage in a detailed schedule.

We also factor in your brand and ask for a style guide, as video content should be consistent across all your media platforms. What is your company tone in marketing and communications? What is most going to resonate with your target audience.

When working with clients for the first time, we can develop logos and templated animations such as name titles, which can be archived and used for future productions, so everything has a consistent look.

Perhaps you have seen other video examples that showcase the style you hope to achieve, send the links through and we will use this as creative inspiration, but ensure we come up with unique creative for your video content.

Do the filming

Most of the video projects we produce include aspects of filming (unless fully animated content). This can come in the form of hiring our professional crew or for your team to DIY the content.

Our goal is to be fully transparent on what to expect on the filming day, how long it will take, how can people prepare. We may ask in the planning stages to visit your site prior to filming, so we get an understanding of the space, develop our creative ideas further.

Other factors include the need for a studio or is their suitable space at your workplace or even home environment. Our crew has the full kit including two cameras for interviews, creative lighting setups and professional audio capturing equipment.

Once the cameras are ready to roll, it’s not just about getting pretty pictures. We coach our on-screen talent through their dialogue or actions. Our goal is to make everyone feel comfortable in front of camera and to enjoy the process.

If you need to film remotely or DIY, we can give you advice and guidance for best practices on framing your talent, audio capture and ideal lighting, plus many more tips on giving the best delivery of your dialogue.

And one point of difference we have compared to many other production companies is that we can provide the raw footage for you to use.

Plus, we take care of all the logistics with your assistance – crew, location, equipment and schedule. We adhere to strict COVID-safe filming procedures. 

Edit the video

Now it’s time to combine all of our media assets and creative concepts in post production. We weave the footage together with dynamic editing, music, colour grade, effects, text, graphics and animation to create a seamless product.

For approval purposes, we will send you new edit versions via a weblink so you and your team can provide feedback on any changes required. We edit until you have the video content you love.

Get it out there

Once finalised, we then we export your video in your preferred format and offer guidance for you to distribute to all your platforms – whether that be social media, your intranet, LMS, interactive video platform or website video channel. We can also help you set up live premieres of pre-recorded content and give some tips on how to pre-populate social media comments.

Finally, you have so many tools available to track and measure your videos success such as view count, watch time, weblink clicks, purchases, interactive polls and more.

By following our 5 step process will ensure you produce video content that has a clear strategy, targets the right audience, blends the creative and information seamlessly and keep people engaged.

Speak to us today about your ideas and purpose for your video content, book in a 15 minute strategy session or call us on 1300 174 773.




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