Now if you haven’t watched Ted Lasso you should, cos we all need some optimism and joy in our day, and I thought I’d share some optimistic thinking with you. Over the years I’ve heard all the reasons that people don’t do video, and I can tell you that with a glass half full attitude all the barriers to video can be overcome. Have a read to find out how.

1. “Videos are too expensive to create”

Yes, let’s start with the big one – COST! Videos don’t have to be expensive to produce, there are plenty of ways to ensure that videos are affordable while maintaining quality. Try these for a start:

  • Engage a solo operator, meaning someone (like me of course) who has the experience and skills to script, film and edit. This keeps costs down as you aren’t paying for multiple crew.
  • Plan your filming carefully. The more effort that goes into planning a video shoot the better the outcome. It ensures you maximize your time and capture not only the footage that you need for this specific video but also footage that you may use in other videos down the track. Leverage your shoot to make it cost effective. 
  • Ensure your video is multipurpose. With one shoot you can edit videos for different purposes and audiences, making it a cost effective marketing, sales or training tools.

    2. “Videos take too much time to create, there’s too much to do”

Without the support of an experienced video producer and a clear process, yes, video can sometimes feel overwhelming. From talent to location, script and approvals there’s too much to think about. 

We recommend and work with our clients to put a clear manageable process in place. We guide you through the required steps for your video, and ensure that all the boxes are checked. You can check out the common process we follow.

  1. “We aren’t sure what benefits video really provides”

I’ll admit that quantifying the benefits of video or your return on investment can be a challenge however there’s no better way to realise the benefits than to LISTEN. 

Yes, listen to what your employees, customers and others say about your business once they’ve watched a video.   

  • “That looks like a great place to work” (benefits culture and recruitment)
  • “Oh I understand what I need to do now, that process is really clear” (training to enable productivity)
  • “I hear they give customers a really good experience so I think I’ll try them” (customer acquisition)

Remember, if you can’t hear what your employees or customers are saying, then ask them.

You know that video is the driving force in communications in 2022. So let’s take the opportunity and create some engaging, purposeful and beneficial videos for your business. 


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