5 ways…to use video at your next corporate event

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5 ways_1Spring is around the corner and so is event season. You may be organizing a large annual conference for clients or customers, an informative staff seminar or you may be exhibiting at an industry event. No matter the size and type, we’ve helped clients to incorporate video in creative and practical ways for all sorts of events.  In this article, we share our top 5 ways to make the most of video to ensure it ads value before, during and after your event.

1. The hype / teaser reel

Often a short and energetic style video, the hype reel is a great way to get audiences excited. It doesn’t need to be long or expensive to create, simply choosing the right music and adding text to existing visuals or footage will do the trick. The hype reel can be used to promote an event in the weeks leading up to the occasion or shown at the start of the event itself.

Check out our new hype reel on Visual Culture’s homepage.

2. The highlights video

The highlights video is a great way to summarise the key messages and purpose of your event.  This video is about capturing the key moments, insights and activities that took place and bringing it all together in an engaging way for attendees. Highlights often include venue location, special guests, key sound bites from speakers, sponsors, guests networking and taking part in activities, catering and entertainment.

Not only does the highlights video reinforce the key message of the event, it can be a useful way to remind guests of what actually happened! There can be so much going on that people don’t absorb all information. Equally, if someone wasn’t able to attend the event, this is a great way to catch-up on all the activities that took place.

We recently worked with US based production company Picture This to create a highlights video for IT company LogicNow. Their annual customer conference – MAX 2015 is being held in three cites –  Melbourne Australia, Washington, USA and Manchester, UK. We were delighted to be selected as the production partner for the Melbourne event.

Our task was to create a highlight video using content from the first day of the conference. The video needed to be ready to show the very next day for the second day of the conference. The video included presentation material, sponsors, networking, vox pops and the after party. This style of video worked as both a hype reel to get delegates excited for the second day of the conference, as well as reinforce the key messages from the day before.

View the highlights video here.

3. The vox pop

5 ways_6 Don’t miss the opportunity to get real-time feedback from your event guests. Vox pops (quick interviews) are a fantastic way to gauge the success of your event as well as provide valuable testimonials for use after the event.  To get the best results, it’s a great idea to have people pre-organised. You can approach people on the day, but generally people like to be forewarned if they are going to be on camera.

4. Event takeaway

Providing video content, as a ‘takeaway’ is a great way to keep audiences engaged after an event.  You can create a number of edits for viewing online such as full copies of each presentation including slides or shorter videos that focus on specific topics or speakers. This is a great option for delegates who want to revisit the content or for those that missed the event. Depending on the type of content it’s a great resource for professional development purposes. If the information is sensitive, you can always password protect the video for distribution to specific audiences only.  Event organisers often go to great lengths to ensure the program includes relevant, informative and market-leading information, so this is a great way to keep a record of the fantastic material that was delivered.

5 wyas_55. The marketing video

Last but not least – using event content is the easiest and most effective way to create promotional videos for future events. There is nothing more powerful than showing potential sponsors, customers or staff how successful a previous events was. Nothing captures the mood and essence of an event better than video. The best part about this style of video is that you can create it well after the event. Visual Culture archives and stores footage meticulously, so at any moment we can create a marketing video with content filmed at a previous event.


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