5 video trends to watch in 2014

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By Danielle Frazzetto

As we approach the New Year, trends emerging in the video and marketing realm are looking to become more diverse than ever. These trends will not see traditional methods eliminated completely but the way content is structured and spread is changing rapidly and so too will businesses need to keep up with their audiences growing expectations. As one video equates to a worth of almost two million words in 2014 it is predicted that video and audience interaction will become more widespread and therefore there are several factors each business should keep in mind.


Previously videos that fell within similar categories were hard to differentiate, car ads had a similar focus, safety videos were horrific to watch and corporate videos were dry but now that is changing. Videos are all unique, quirky, emotional and specific in order to keep audiences engaged and to ultimately have these audiences share videos on their social media networks.

Watching online videos has become a mainstream activity with 78% of people viewing videos online at least once a week and social websites are also changing. When a new social media portal is created, it wouldn’t gather anywhere near enough momentum to take over Facebook or LinkedIn who remain the clear front runners, but the success of Instagram and the like are revealing that audiences enjoy sharing images and video more and more as time goes on. Therefore it is important that videos are diverse. Car ads are moving towards a humorous and specific approach, safety videos are becoming musicals and corporate videos are animated and interactive and therefore businesses need to compete and tailor their videos to incorporate these approaches and keep an eye out for new platforms that are gaining traction quickly in order to stand out from their competitors.


With video trends on the rise, figures suggest that more than 80% of people who see a new product or service will search a related video online prior to purchase. With some of the biggest promotions and ads of the year seen to be pranks and humorous videos which is where the car industry is heading, these video are receiving millions of hits. With companies realising that YouTube is the place to be when aiming to gain traction and numbers, trends are revealing that funny and entertaining videos are the perfect, which leave a lasting impression.

The success of a stunt or joke can been seen in the way viral videos have been poached and used for television commercials. Thanks to social media and thrill campaigns, which create a fun and engaging connection with audiences, businesses have successfully received a genuine appreciation for the intention and effort they make to connect with their target audience.


“Less is more”, cannot be a better suited saying in regards to video, as simplicity is key. The popularity of minimalist video and websites such as Pinterest, are a true indication of the value of simplicity. Companies need to avoid the showy logos and text and focus on the reason and integral point of their video tailored to the customer’s perspective. Businesses need to remember that the brands which share a simplified message aimed to improve audiences experiences or make them feel better will be the ones that dominate.

It is inescapable; with social media portals growing, that micro video will continue to rise in popularity. Trends are proposing that we are moving more towards real-time video sharing using smartphone technology. Companies are now looking at using micro-videos for product tutorials and behind the scenes videos all in the hope that customers feel as though their opinion and perspective has been accounted for so that they have an active part in the companies development and success.


As mentioned above, mobile channels are going to be essential and are the definite giant players in 2014. With 90% of web traffic predicted to depend on video it is no surprise that ad technology will be improving so that videos are tailored carefully into branding campaigns on computers and TV.

With tablets powering the growth of video consumption, Facebook is planning to join the video dominance with video ads expected to be coming to the portal in an auto-play feature in 2014. The feature which will allow videos to dominate the News Feed are expected to start playing silently, giving audiences the option to play with sound. This option which also touches on the basis of keeping the consumers perspective in mind is a considerate approach for audiences to become accustomed to new technology and new trends quickly, just as all business need to.


Web series’, which have gained a lot of momentum lately, will continue to escalate in 2014. Despite the previous failure of multiple reality formats, reality web TV has proven to engage an audience in a suppleness format that provides a cheaper alternative to traditional TV. As Smart TV deliveries are expected to reach over 120 million in the New Year we can expect that consumers will crave the ability to use Netflix which single handily saw American series favourite Breaking Bad achieve the Emmy Award of Best Drama Series, alongside Amazon Video and the like on their web browser via TV.

Developments of 2014 including the release of Apple’s iTV and its rumoured ability to include iCloud sync, allowing the ability to control your iPhone, and ultra HD LCD panels are to be apparent. Smart watches are expected to provide frequent email, text and social media updates, at a glance. 2014 is also expected to be the year for Google watch, Google Now, and Google Glass, yet these portals are slowing on their way to becoming common knowledge.

The potential for Touch ID technology is sure to really take off and new gaming consoles are set to increase the integration of social media-like connectivity and the ability to follow others in resemblance to Twitter. As a building base of a range of technology with a major focus on web shows, 2014 will be the year where businesses will really need to consider how video will affect their production plans.

So if you have an idea for your next video production, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the concept in detail.

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