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5 types of safety videos to increase engagement

5 types of safety videos to increase engagement

Think safe. Work safe. Be safe.

October is Workplace Safety month – so what does it represent? Well, during the month of October awareness is raised for both workers and employers across Australia, asking them to commit to safe and healthy workplaces for all Australians. To be safe means being free from any physical and/ or psychological harm.

One way to generate both awareness and engagement when it comes to workplace safety is through video. Video has proven to be a great way to deliver essential training content, and there are a number of ways to deliver your message that will resonate via video.

Here are some great examples:

    1. Animated videos: A good way to deliver content when it may be too difficult to organise a film crew to get out on site to film. From infographics, through to character animations, there are plenty of options to select. Safety doesn’t always need to be serious. Often entertaining videos have just as much impact for your team to retain information.

    1. Dramatised content: Again, this style of video can take on many different forms. Role play videos featuring different scenarios always work well, whether that be actors or your own team in front of camera. It’s important dramatised videos are relatable and authentic.

    1. Presenter/narration: This style of video is more straightforward in treatment – essentially having key information delivered by a professional or your team.

      1. Demonstration/instructional video: Every organisation has a specific way of conducting certain processes in a safe and effective way. To ensure these processes are consistently followed and adhered to, create video content that showcases the correct process, so that those on your team, no matter where they are located, or when they view the video, will all follow the same process from that one video – the true power of consistency.

    1. Interactive video: There are many great opportunities that are now made available for interactive training via platforms such as LumaOne. Rather than just having a video play from start to end, why not add different interactive elements such as hotspots on the screen, poll/questionnaires, text highlights and more. Interactive video content is a great way to increase engagement. 

These examples are a great way to deliver effective key messages to your workplace whilst also maintaining engagement. It’s important both employees and employers are aware of the importance of October Safety month – so why not create a short video to demonstrate how your organisation is contributing to thinking safe, working safe and being safe.

For more information, please check out our safety video services.