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5 Simple and effective tips to help make your next event video memorable

5 Simple and effective tips to help make your next event video memorable

With our environment constantly changing, planning ahead can be challenging which is why pre-recorded virtual events are the safe, effective and authentic way to engage with your key audiences. 

We have developed 5 short, sharp and effective tips to help you create engaging and memorable videos to help bring your pre-recorded video to life. 

Where to start… 

  • Tell your story

What is the message you’d like to get across? Think about what the viewer is interested in. From their perspective, they want to watch a video that not only ‘makes sense’ but one that intrigues them, holds their attention and draws them in emotionally. Plan your video by taking the first step to understand your story.

  • Make it snappy

Think about the video in the context of the broader event and consider how long you can keep the audience’s attention. Did you know typically, 60% of viewers drop off after watching a video for two minutes. Keeping the video to a short duration not only forces you to tell your story in a succinct manner, it also increases the chance you’ll keep the viewer’s attention. 

  1. Be creative and have fun

Developing a video requires structure and process but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. In fact, with a good foundation it’s a great place to be creative.

Consider if a hype reel will get your audience excited, bring out their emotions with a video story or draw on memories of achievements and highlights of the team. Videos are an opportunity to express a level of creativity you don’t otherwise get to experience or construct.

  • Use explainer video animation

What is this you ask? Well, it is a technique involving a short video which turns complex or dry ideas into simple, engaging and meaningful ones. Simply put, an explainer video can help your company engage with broader audiences in a creative way. For example; if you are holding an investor event or an annual general meeting, or even needing to attract the attention of stakeholders, animation can elevate your video. 

  • Create an activity

Think outside the box when it comes to developing your event video. Interactive videos can lead to increased engagement and memorability. For example, you can use video to share a story or concept and then hold a Q&A session, table discussions or provide the audience worksheets to gauge their understanding and reinforce key messages. 

Creating a video for an event, whether it’s’ your first time or not can be daunting, but following these five tips can help you get started and take the stress out of ‘trying to achieve everything’ in one video. 

We’re always here to help. 

If you think it’s time to try video to speak to your customers, to recruit the best talent for your team, raise business awareness, showcase a new product or service, or promote an important cause, talk to us. We would love to help you tell your story at your next event.