1990 called and wants it’s corporate video back…

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1990 called and wants it’s corporate video back…

The awkward silences, stiff poses and pre-rehearsed lines can make corporate videos difficult to watch let alone feel inspired by! 

When it comes to corporate videos, people have a preconceived notion that it’s going to be outdated and painful but it definitely does not need to be that way.

Corporate videos can be bold, not boring:

Corporate videos are a way to connect with internal employees as well as prospective employees, investors and the wider public. Everything, even you, has a brand associated with it which is why it’s important to let that ‘brand shine’ and create a corporate video which reflects the business’s values and brings a certain level of energy in the end production. 

Remember – you’re making a corporate video for your audience, not for yourself. Providing content for your audience which combines both practical information along with an emotional connection is key in gaining attention and holding it. 

We have worked with many, many corporations to produce high-quality, engaging and purposeful corporate videos. We understand the old school stereotype perception associated with corporate videos, but we’re here to change that. 

Outline how a corporate video is used

Have you ever thought that maybe your employees don’t quite understand the purpose behind creating a corporate video, or who it’s even being shown to? Informing your employees on these simple points could drastically change how employees present themselves, their level of confidence and overall approach to the video. 

Also, never forget that a corporate video is a representation of your brand and identity.

Highlight some great corporate reels

Set the bar high. Show employees some great references that have worked well and most importantly, explain why they have worked well. It might also benefit them to see what doesn’t work as a light-hearted approach as well. 

One reference which is talked about frequently is Red Bull Racing Factory- One Team, One Goal corporate video. It shows ‘behind the scenes’ content, unveiling the many hands which are put to work to create the final production. The corporate video is an opportunity for employees who are usually behind the desk to swap places with the Formula one driver and be centre front of the production process, demonstrating their unique skills and hard work. 

Finally, before you start pressing the record button have a clear idea what the objective(s) are for your video – this will help form the framework for your messaging, tone of voice and direction with your employees. 

If you think it’s time to try video to engage with your employees and create an impactful corporate video, to recruit the best talent for your team, raise business awareness, showcase a new product or service, or promote an important cause, talk to us. We would love to tell your story.

Speak to us today about your ideas and purpose for your video content, book in a 15 minute strategy session or call us on 1300 174 773.

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