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The team at Visual Culture have years of experience working with talent for a wide range of video production. Our Director has experience working with people who have had a life long career in acting as well as working with people who are appearing in front of the camera for the first time and, he always gets the best out of each individual.

Here are some comments from the wonderful talent we recently has the pleasure of working with…

David Winton



It was such a pleasure to attend my recent job at Visual Culture.  The shoot was super professional, well prepared, generously catered for and the studio was very comfortable.   I’d jump at the chance to work for you again.






Rowan Howard

69I recently had the pleasure of working on a corporate shoot with the team from Visual Culture.

I had never worked with them before so it’s always a bit weird trying to gel straight away but the minute I walked in the door I ran into Danny, who I didn’t know was the Director, (great researching there Rowan) and we had a quick casual chat in passing and I knew it was going to be OK.

Once I got on set things were very jovial from the start and all the team were relaxed and hilarious to work with. We jumped straight in and got down to business with very little fuss. Everyone knew their role and went straight to it, all the while maintaining a running banter. I felt very much a part of the team from the get go.

Anyway, I was awesome so we got through it pretty quick. No really, I have a testimonial that say’s so. What could have been a very painful and tedious process was nothing short of exceptional from my point of view. I can’t wait to work with the team again. I even wrote a blog post about it. You should read it. Oh, hang on………


Susie Sparks


So, after sending in a self tape for an audition for a corporate video job, I was cast as the ‘matter-of-fact Franchise owner’.

My first experience of reading from an auto cue, (it was an hour and a half interview) which went very smoothly thanks to Cam (the auto-cue guy) adjusting the speed and the font size.

Thanks to all the wonderful guys at Visual Culture for being so relaxed and fun to work with! Gotta love living life out loud! ????????????






Alicia Bellette


I recently worked with the team from Visual Culture and I must say it was absolute delight to work with such a friendly, encouraging and professional team. I found they were able to support the talent and give the confidence in their work to be able to achieve the best outcome for the client and talent.

After 21 years in the industry I must say the experience I had on this day was thoroughly enjoyable but at the same time professional and I walked away feeling like I had nailed the brief which is a great feeling for me and the client. It was a comfortable work environment and I felt like I had worked with the crew for years as opposed to just meeting them which meant that I was able to deliver a good performance.

The team were able to give direction when required in a very positive manner and I found them to be a very efficient production team staying in time lines and hence not going over budget. I highly recommend Visual Culture and would love to work with this team again!



Abigail-Jayne Martin 


I recently worked with the VC team and I couldn’t recommend them enough. As soon as I arrived on set there was a relaxed and calm atmosphere. The team is very professional and easy to work with. I had a lot of fun on set and I hope I get the opportunity to work with the team again.


I would highly recommend Visual Culture to any clients and talent. Thanks for making it such an enjoyable experience on set guys!!






Stephen Francis



I greatly enjoyed working with the VC Team, and as an experienced actor, I found them to be knowledgeable, and thankfully, knowing exactly what they wanted to do, and how to get there.

A clear sign of experience and focus. I look forward to working with the professionals at Visual Culture in the future, should the opportunity present itself.






Prudence Ashley-Jones



Recently, I had the upmost pleasure of being part of a series of Interviews, Voice & Video for ‘ Visual Culture ‘.

The whole experience was just fantastic and the crew were above and beyond with their encouragement, enthusiasm, professionalism and humour.

Please can I visit again !





Sunny Walia



The crew at Visual Culture were fantastic to work with. Made the experience really enjoyable from first contact to shooting the job. Having the opportunity to work with a talented and driven crew allowed me to give my best performance.

Definitely look forward to collaborating with everyone at Visual Culture again!






Candy Hertz


I had a brilliant (and fun!) experience with the VC team from the moment I was cast. Their flexible and relaxed yet professional approach was felt all the way through. And the actual shoot was a blast!! The whole team were a ball of fun and no doubt the end product will look great. Can’t wait for the next one!

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