What is this Aussie football all about?

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AFL video production

Go Bulldogs go! I found myself screaming at the TV, a blur of red and blue bodies on the pitch (ground). I had no idea what was going on but I knew I was excited by it! A pommy trying to get to grips with the AFL during the Grand Final…it almost sounds like a really bad British sitcom. I started watching the game knowing only that it goes something like this…

For the first quarter, this was basically what I was seeing. A bunch of bodies diving to grab the ball, losing it, grabbing again, falling over, and so on. At first, I was drawn in by the atmosphere – its the Grand Final…we get a public holiday for this!! By 20 minutes in, that has all disappeared and I leaned over to my friend to ask, “How long does this go on for?”…

Those in the room with me would shout “Booooooo” or “come on ref! (umpire!)” before I could even process what had happened. I had to fight all my impatience not to just get up and go entertain myself elsewhere. I began relying on the replays. It’s amazing that even on the replays my workmates yell at the screen, thinking they can make a difference to the call. Slow motion meant I had time to watch and see what had happened, why they had a penalty (free kick) or why the score only increased by 1 point, not 6. Suddenly, it was getting interesting and I was learning. It was HEAPS (I say heaps now because I’m basically Aussie) better than asking my mate a million questions who answered through gritted teeth when I interrupted his concentration on the game.

I’ve spent forever trying to work out which team I should support. Back home, you pick a footy team depending on where you were born but it doesn’t quite work like that he
re. My colleague unhelpfully suggested just picking a colour I like. Well, I’m picking the Bulldogs, because its thanks to them that I’ve developed a new taste for the AFL. Plus…I love bulls and I love dogs….and I don’t think you get much of a better reason than that!

So here is my conclusion; video is the best training and learning tool, no matter what subject or industry. Just like a bad call from the ref (umpire) can cost a team a game, a bad explanation to a staff member can risk accidents, whether injuries from heavy equipment or–for our footy heroes–not warming up correctly.

Now, let’s indulge in my newfound hobby and take a minute to appreciate some of the best goals of this years AFL season…and some of them are in slow mo 😉

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