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I went to a marketing conference. I didn’t get a t-shirt but I did get inspired…

I went to a marketing conference. I didn’t get a t-shirt but I did get inspired…

KERWIN RAE – “Every single one of you should be producing video”

“Kerwin Rae is a businessman, entrepreneur, investor and international speaker. As one of Australia’s leading business strategists for over a decade, he has consulted in 11 countries and over 154 different industries and taught over 100,000 people the world over through his seminars and workshops. To date making his clients well in excess of $200 Million Dollars.”

My first thought? Surrreeee whatever, I don’t have the time to waste on fantasising about that sort of thing. I am very sceptical when I get heaps of emails from an individual telling me how they’ve transformed people’s businesses and made thousand of dollars from social media. I normally hit the delete button immediately and don’t give it a second thought, but Kerwin intrigued me a little so when the opportunity arose to go see him speak live for free, I booked a spot to see what all the fuss was about.

I’m sat closely between two other randoms, loud pumping party music is playing as we take our seats, there is a buzz in the room …I feel a little uneasy…as if I am just about to be brain washed to become part of a cult.



Actually, the set up was fine; comfortable, good sound and lighting and excellent visibility, aircon on (all these things you think about when you’ve had a career in production) and once I was happy with the organisation of the event, I opened my mind.


We delved into the stages of business, looked at the psychology of being an entrepreneur, gawped at statistics, talked about the importance of cash flow, looked at how we can reach our goals, he used the word “visual” HEAPS which made me very happy, we all laughed a lot (he is very funny) and then we were given a few cheeky hacks to use on social media. I did learn some stuff. Helpful stuff, but not life changing stuff.

It is now just about putting this knowledge into action, that’s where the life changing stuff starts happening. Going back to the office with heaps of notes and actually USING them rather than just filing them away. This is where the sales pitch comes in – signing up to his $5000 course, which many, many people did, and I don’t blame them. We could all use a Kerwin in our lives, I have no doubt he will help develop those businesses and change people’s lives. I left feeling temporarily inspired and a born again marketeer. Let’s see where this year takes us!

You can find out more about Kerwin on his website and why not take a look into his most recent project “The Social Experiment” – a documentary-style reality Web TV show that gives you unprecedented access behind the scenes to discover how successful businesses are run.



Because we all live in a visual culture…


Izzy Watts