Visual Culture Showreel 2016

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It seems now more than ever the thirst for video content for companies is at fever pitch. We have crossed the continent producing videos, blogs and presentations for a raft of very happy clients.

Because our portfolio is ever expanding we as a company decided it was high time we updated our showreel. This is a daunting task to say the least. We produce in the neighborhood of thirty videos a month that means yearly we create some three hundred and sixty videos. Over the seven years the company has been in operation, the team has amassed an astounding amount of really diverse and interesting content. So how do you condense that down to a two minute video… not easily.

Managing Director, Simon Holt, took on the enormous challenge. He has an unbelievable knack of knowing exactly where to find that shot. He knows the catalogue backwards. He labored on the showreel at different stages over the past 18 months, but something just wasn’t gelling. That was the light bulb moment when he decided to commission a piece of music, created for Visual Culture by world-renowned act Rich Webb.

Now armed with the backing track to almost a decade of Visual Culture’s work, away he went, day and night fine-tuning the content. The showreel needed to showcase every aspect of the Visual Culture service offering. Take the time to have a look at the new and improved showreel and really get inspired for your next video project.

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