Videos Role In the Celebration That Stops A Nation!

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By Danielle Frazzetto

The 153rd Melbourne Cup Carnival is quickly approaching and while most are strategising their bets for the races, broadcasters, photographers and videographers are plotting their plan of attack for the carnival and its all-important Melbourne Cup Day.

With a tradition dating back 150 years it comes as no surprise that in this digital age, video and photography has become the dominate tool for capturing and sharing main events such as The Melbourne Cup. It introduced its first photo finish in 1948 and has since used visual tools to determine the harshest winning margins, including Dunaden’s 2011 victory over Red Cadeaux.

Having dominated television with over 95 per cent of all metropolitan TVs tuning in at 3pm to watch the race, The Emirates Melbourne Cup’s success and reputation continues to rely on the audiovisual professionals who capture and share the event with our great nation.

These professionals include the Seven Network broadcasters, Flemington’s TV staff, official VRC and mounting yard photographers and some of the most important snappers, the official race finish photographers.

Adding to the video and digital landscape of the event, this year the carnival is expected to have over 700 million people tune in from more than 100 countries and territories carrying out the broadcast to viewers. There will be ten free mobile charge stations throughout Flemington, provided by Momentum Energy for attendees to capture every moment of the racing season to share with friends on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The Melbourne Cup Carnival, which really kicks off the event season, is a confident reminder that the Christmas and New Year celebrations are soon approaching, and so too are the numerous conferences, seminars and several momentous occasions including Awards Nights.

Just as it is so important for the Melbourne Cup event organizers that these occasions are captured on video and preserved, so to should all small and large events be analysed and evaluated through video so that each festive season, business endeavor or corporation process can move forward.

To provide some insight into how video can play a vital role at your next event here are Visual Culture’s top three reasons for filming annual events.

  1. Longevity: Capturing an event on video will mean that you are able to preserve the event and review it as a whole, storing awards nights as cherished accomplishments and an entrepreneurs first annual meeting as a knowledgeable stepping stone and reflective piece for growth.
  2. Growth: Whether it be a product launch, a conference or even a meeting, when video is present, all those involved ultimately present their best self. After watching a recording, individuals can reflect upon the performance of themselves and others noting areas of improvement and adopting training techniques each month, quarter or year in comparison to the last recorded session to evaluate and assess their development and continue refining their progress.
  3. Personality and Digitalization: Videos strongest and most engaging quality is the ability to capture the visual expression and sound of a person, environment or activity. By incorporating video that moment which is captured in its entirety can be uploaded and shared digitally online with a companies social audience and fellow business partners. It provides a differentiating factor and an insight into how the business operates and who the staff really are.

So regardless of whether you would need a sole videographer or a full production crew to work over a number of days to capture your next venture, with endless video and digital opportunities available be sure to have Visual Culture capture and help share your next event.

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