Videos to help achieve business objectives

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At Visual Culture, we specialise in creating tailored corporate video solutions for a wide range of business sizes and applications. Whether it be a production aimed for your suppliers, an internal staff resource or a promotional video for potential customers, our team has the expertise to deliver industry leading productions.

There are generally two types of videos that fall into the corporate category:

  • Training and Information which focus on internal communications, and
  • Promotion and Advertising, which are intended for consumers and published on websites in e-newsletters and using social networks.

You can read more regarding Promotion and Advertising Video on the Sales and Promotion page.

Building public and targeted audience awareness through the use of corporate video communications is consistently growing. Companies are successfully sharing key messages and educational product information in friendly video formats.  With more than 70% of marketers adding video to their sites, statistics continue to support that in this information age 80% of Internet users don’t read content online and prefer to watch video to source information. *

Not only are these videos SEO friendly, ranking higher on Google than regular written content but they also maximise the potential to grasp attention and loyalty.

Within the corporate video realm, there are; staff and supplier videos, advertising content,  corporate and internal communications, training and educational videos as well as conference and convention coverage.

And if all that sounds a little dry, don’t be misled. Corporate video, particularly in Australia can be quirky and can be used to highlight ‘A funny company story’, or ‘Why workers in your company love their job’ or what ‘A day in the life of working with the company ‘is like.

Alongside this, award winning employee videos can be made sharing with viewers hopeful career development stories along the lines of ‘What are we going to do tomorrow?’, or the ‘Before and after’ of a project.

Showcasing how a product is made or how you would solve a problem by using a given product or service is another great idea for a corporate video.

There are so many ideas to choose from including ‘Appropriate and inappropriate use of a product’; one of our notable favourites or perhaps it’s creating a video that subtly outlines ‘The Company’s secret to success’.

Be sure to dedicate some time to think about what type of corporate video is best for your business.

* Social Examiner Stats

Keen to see some of our work?

Head to our portfolio page to see some of the work we have delivered to clients over the years.

Who have we worked with?

Visual Culture have produced corporate videos with some of Australia’s leading businesses over the years including; CGU, Sofitel and Holden to name a few. Our customers enjoy working with us and we enjoy working with them. Hear what some of our happy customers have to say here.


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