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VIDEO is a ‘creative genius’, it has all the dazzle and razzle you need!

VIDEO is a ‘creative genius’, it has all the dazzle and razzle you need!

Video has all the dazzle and razzle you need to engage, inspire and connect with your audience. We love it, and as a marketer or communicator you should too, as it does so much heavy lifting for you and your business. 

That’s bold, you say. How does video do this? Can we really back that statement up?

Yes we can. For two excellent reasons – Dazzle and Razzle!

Reason one: Video dazzles your eyes

Colour, movement and images engage your sight, it awakens the eyes and dazzles something new and exciting in front of you. All which help to share a memorable message with your audience. 

Don’t just believe me, check out research on visual communication. There are plenty of reports out there which talk to the fact that around 40% of people respond better to visual information. Visual communication can be embedded into memory twice, as both verbal code and as an image. 

Seeing images also allows users to create experiences in their mind, feel emotions or create connections, it helps them imagine.  

Reason two: Video razzles with your ears

Our ears give most of us the wonderful gift of hearing and many marketing channels and activities aren’t able to or don’t leverage this. They can’t engage your ears with story, prose, music, jingles or a random “pop”, ‘bam”, “wow”. Video can. 

It’s the superpower of video! Sound that razzles your ears. 

While we are talking about sound, we don’t want you to overlook captions in video. Many people do watch videos without sound and also we want to ensure that videos are inclusive so captions are a must.

Dazzle and Razzle together helps video to be highly inclusive. 

For people who are vision impaired, video provides sound and noise that helps to convey emotion and a story and fuel the imagination of the audience. 

While, for people who are Deaf or hard of hearing, the images and captions work together to engage and tell the story. 

And then there’s shareability

If you aren’t convinced yet, here’s one more fact. 

Videos get shared more than static posts!. Yes, visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared .

By engaging two of your audience’s senses at once you have more chance of engaging, entertaining and connecting with them. So get on board with some dazzle and razzle video communications. We are here to help bring your ideas to life.