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Video ticks the boxes for online events

Online events are here to stay. They are cost effective, have greater reach so can be more inclusive and when done well can be as engaging, educational and entertaining as in-person events. 

That being said, it’s the injection of engagement and entertainment that event organisers are struggling with. How do we make online events engaging, educational and entertaining so that our audiences not only talk about them but rave about them? So our audiences go online and #hashtag the event and share with their colleagues, networks and friends.

Video has a great role to play here, and is already a driving force behind great online events and getting creative. 

Here’s some examples about how some of our clients have been integrating video to give an online event that wow factor: 

  • Integrate the video with a live presenter: a live presenter can provide instruction and the human touch, and when combined with pre recorded videos where experts answer specific questions or share a story, the event can pack a punch. The integration of video also allows the presenter to refresh so they can remain upbeat through a longer event. (Similarly, at larger in-person events when there’s usually an MC.)
  • Video as a scene setter: use a video to tell a story, share information, and then set an activity and put the room into breakout groups in order to have smaller, robust group conversations and learn from each other. 
  • Video trivia: use video together with online forms (e.g. google forms, survey monkey) to run a game of trivia.
  • Video stories and polls: share your company strategy on video, include comments from the leadership team and then poll participants following to see what they understood about the strategy and priorities. This information allows you to create an ongoing communication strategy, targeting what you need to reiterate to your employees so they know where the company is heading. 
  • Social promo videos: create complimentary video snippets that can be used to promote the event via online channels, before, during and following the event. With video and social media you can create a longer “event” experience for people, reiterating your key messages in other channels. 

There’s no doubt that videos can truly enhance the online event experience, however some watch outs include: 

  • Time: in an online environment videos still need to remain on the shorter side, if people have a 4-hour online event then it takes a lot to keep them engaged for more than about 15-20minutes at a time. Shorter, sharp and dynamic highly emotional videos will keep the audience more engaged. 
  • Mix it up: use a variety of video styles, tones, formats throughout any longer online events to make sure it feels dynamic and that there’s variety. Include videos with different lighting and music. 
  • Advance planning: allow sufficient time for your online event planning and determine how the videos will work with other elements, and of course do a run through and ensure you have a good internet connection with good bandwidth. 

Talk with us to get an understanding of how we can support your online event with engaging and entertaining video content.