Video consumption and content is certainly changing in 2021 (like everything else!)

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What we love about videos is that it brings two things together that catches our attention like no other – noise and movement. A brilliant and compelling way to convey an effective message.

Consumer behaviours and attitudes have changed over the last year and a half with people becoming more interested in taking up new hobbies, skills and fitness – as we’ve seen a spike in the demand for puzzles up 370%, growing yeast and Peloton bike sales up 172%! 

However, it’s not just a shift in people’s spending habits that have changed but also what people pay attention to. You’ll know yourself that amongst your family and friends, they have gravitated towards videos for a sense of distraction, humour, learning new skills and connecting with others. 

Videos have become part of the everyday as we scroll and search for both work and play. Video has an important role in captivating an audience’s attention, and authenticity is now more important than ever!

Here are three trends you should take notice of that will continue to positively impact the way videos are consumed and shared.

  • People are using videos to learn about interests and skills  

As we’re increasingly spending more time at home, consumers are turning to video more than ever before to learn something new. This could include a new interest, a hobby, upskilling either for personal professional reasons. This presents the perfect opportunity to host educational, how-to style content around topics aligned with your brand or service in order to capture the increased demand. You can use this on your social media accounts, website or even email to your client base. Remember, include captions. 

  • Consumers crave authentic content which they can relate to 

Videos are a great way to connect with people via a platform in which traditional media cannot. There are more avenues to be creative, personalised and authentic. For example, adding music or multiple images creates a more compelling and engaging angle. Another example is to hold a live video q&a session where you can share your point of view or something that is of interest – it also provides people with the opportunity to ask questions. Remember, people engage (and share) content that is easy to understand, informative and compelling. 

  • People love what’s convenient 

Videos are dominating the internet and consumers love it! 

It’s a great platform to help connect, educate, and create impactful relationships at a time when it matters more than ever. When it comes to video consumption, it’s not just personal use dominating the sector but also business use. Consumers and businesses alike see the benefit of creating videos which simplifies the end-to-end experience whilst making it enjoyable along the way. With over 54% of consumers wanting to see branded video content from businesses, video marketing is a hugely beneficial approach to be able to interact with your target market and grow your brand.

Did you know that the average viewer remembers 95% of a message when it is watched, whereas only 10% when read! The added retention makes videos an enticing platform to use as an engagement tool. It also means that you can tell deeper, longer stories that conveys emotion more easily than just words. 

As we know, videos are great storytellers and while it’s undeniable that video is here to stay, it’s ever-evolving to suit changing consumer needs and attitudes. 


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