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I met a girl the other day who was wearing a beautiful locket around her neck. I asked what she kept in there and she responded with, “Nothing. I have videos of everyone on my phone, I don’t need the locket anymore.” It made me realise – gone are the days where your photo album sits on the bookshelf getting covered in dust, our reminiscing of precious moments are almost a daily experience! The popular hashtag #throwbackthursday is a perfect example of sharing last years holiday snaps when you had your summer-bod ready! The best thing about this though, is that we are now replacing those holiday snaps with holiday videos and video footage is becoming the new locket we hang around our neck.

Almost everyone likes to keep photographs of their most treasured moments. My dad used to joke that he had a childhood picture of me in his wallet where his money used to be. Well, not so many years later, he can do one better. I’m not sure about the cash but instead of a photograph he has a video of me on his phone that not only shows my face, but captures the emotion and achievement of climbing Indonesia’s Mount Rinjani and looking into the heart of a volcano.

I remember wishing so desperately for my parents to buy a video camera when I was six years old so they could film me backflipping across the gym floor. Back then cameras were expensive and sadly those memories have become fuzzy in all of our heads.

This is why our new visual era is so exciting; it is so easy to capture a moment, an experience or make an everlasting memory. My brother plans to film his fiancée walking down the aisle at their wedding with his homemade drone and broadcast live footage of the day via Skype to our grandmother across the world. Facebook is filled with videos of my friends filming their babies’ first steps.

As for me, I have a whole online album shared with my family and friends stuffed with video footage of my six months working as a cowgirl on a cattle farm in the Aussie bush. Until you see it on video or experience it in person, nothing can quite do justice to the feeling of galloping along on a horse mustering 300 cattle across a paddock at sunset. I have these moments for life now. They are keepsakes for myself but also for my family, easily shared online. I even managed to get a video of me eating a scorpion in Cambodia as proof that I actually did it when traveling around Southeast Asia!

I live on the other side of the world to my family and I am very thankful for how easy it is to capture moments. Video provides the best platform to do this and I want to welcome you to the next step in this ever-evolving creative world we are all part of. Whether your colleague is celebrating 30 years in the business, or you are holding an award ceremony for the best salesman in your team, a live event like a fashion catwalk, or you are launching a new product and you want people to see it, Visual Culture can help you. Grab your phone and make a video, it’s good fun, I promise, and with the guys’ editing skills here in the studio, we can make even the most amateur cameramen look like a pro!


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