The value of a HYPE reel

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[h5]By definition “hype” means extravagant or intensive publicity or promotion, whether that be a product or idea.[/h5]

We all know the hype reel: the new promo we see on TV promoting a fantastic new series; the launch of a new product; or perhaps it’s the motivational video you see to kick off your company’s annual conference.

The hype reel gets the audiences heart pumping, inspires them and it might even get them so excited that they jump up on their chairs screaming “give me more!”

These videos have become so important as a marketing tool for businesses, particularly generating huge interest via social media such as Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn. Short, sharp and effective hype reels are sure to have the viewer pushing the “share” button or wanting to find out more.

And the elements to create a hype reel can be as simple as animated text on screen, perhaps using still photos or it could be a full scale production with high quality video footage, animation, presenters etc.

Here’s just a few examples of how you can utilise the hype reel to promote your product, idea or business:

  • The conference/event kick start: Just imagine, it’s the morning of the first day of your conference. The audience has been excited about this event for a while now, so much so that there is a loud murmur through the crowd and it’s difficult to keep them quiet. Suddenly a countdown appears on screen, the crowd noise dies down as they are fixated on what’s coming next. Then suddenly they are grabbing the edge of their seats, smiles appear throughout the room and some even fist pump the air. On screen is a motivational video getting them excited about the company they work for. The video only last 90 seconds, but the room is buzzing and the audience is ready for a fantastic event.
  • Replacing the product roadshow: Most companies that have numerous new products to sell throughout the year often send a team of sales people out on the road to promote them. Often the roadshow includes multiple visits, explaining the same thing over and over. But more and more sales teams are finding that a well produced hype reel for each product can be just as effective without them having to leave the office. These hype reels can be distributed via a private weblink, or made public via the companies social media sites. And it keeps costs down as well, no longer do the need to worry about travel costs and time away from other important duties.
  • Promoting an upcoming event: Recently we worked with the digital agency Deepend and their client Thrive PR to produce a launch video for the Wolf Blass Ultimate Cricket Test. The day was a big success with many celebrities in attendance, discovering what the exciting concept was. The Ultimate Cricket Test was a consumer promotion from Wolf Blass that culminated in a game outside the MCG on Boxing Day – cricket’s most sacred day in Australia. The launch video was used to generate hype via social media and for the public to come down on Boxing Day and support the competition winners and celebrities as they took part in the game. We were also on hand to capture all the excitement of the Ultimate Cricket Test and to produce another hype reel featuring all the highlights. You can see the launch video on our portfolio page.

Plus there are plenty more ways to utilise the hype reel as part of your marketing strategy – let’s face it, video is not only an important factor for marketing, it’s a must have.

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