The top 5 video trends to look forward to in 2017

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As another year winds up and all our beloved clients are busily trying to find the right present for the team at Visual Culture so we thought it was a great time to put on the future glasses and have a look at what is in store for 2017.

2017 will be further proof that video is taking over the world at an alarming rate. We have been busy as a team putting together a list of the five most popular trends that will emerge over the course of the next year…We know what’s coming, we just don’t know what order they will come in

It’s time to take to the sky. It is becoming very obvious that we are embracing the full picture when it comes to filming, and what bigger picture could you ask for than going aerial?

Drone cameras will continue to dominate the genre next year and through the development of smaller and more powerful units will bring the sky to the people.
Some of the most brilliant minds of our generation have been busy and what they have come up with is, to say the least, breathtaking.

In the skies of 2017 you can expect to see the following updated models.

The Mavic is just 743 grams of raw power. It features the best resolution thanks to an onboard 4K camera, and the stability of the picture is greatly assisted with a three axis Gimbal, or stabiliser.

This little beauty has a fly time of up to 27 minutes, which is plenty to get that perfect shot, and a distance up to an amazing 7km. And the good news for companies with good indoor areas to film, it has a built in hover function that allows precision hover without the need to leverage off satellites. Best of all it fits in a BACKPACK!!!!

At just over one kilogram GoPro have launched the Karma. As John Lennon sang, instant Karmas gonna get you….

This bad boy packs a punch; we are all familiar with gopros so it makes sense that they develop the perfect launcher for their already great cameras. This drone is beautiful in style, stabilized through three axes and can fold up into a carry case. The range isn’t as far as the Mavic, but hey you can’t have it all.

The controller also comes with a 5-inch display, which helps get that shot just right.

It is worth noting that recently CASA have altered some of the limitations associated with operating Drones for commercial gain. In a nutshell if the drone is under 2 kg, you simply need to notify them at least 5 business days before flight. Anything heavier and you will need a remote pilots license as well as an operating certificate. At Visual Culture we always play by the rules, our drone operators are licensed and ready to take to the sky.


We can confirm that email marketing is not dead, in fact, it is being re-born and it’s better than ever! With apps being created and other technical advances, we are enabled to use email far more creatively than before, and that’s why it is tipped off to be one of the most effective marketing tools in 2017.

Email is the easiest and most accepted form of communication between business and client or customer and no other marketing medium can communicate to your audience as quickly and effectively as video. Together, they make the perfect team! Those who use video in their email marketing campaigns have seen an increase in their email open rates and shares.

The focus will be on making email far more engaging as well as a much wider scope to customize and personalise your message, adding value to the emails you send, increasing effectiveness of targeted marketing and therefore, engagement.

If you want to keep with the trends and video embedded into your email marketing then you here is a step by step tutorial.

Live video allows you to share your video in real time with your target audience. This form of engagement has been one of the biggest and most exciting developments in 2016 and there is no doubt that businesses will be using this effective approach more than ever in the year to come.
Live video can be used to hold Q & A sessions, cover an event, promote a product or even provide customers with a “how to” video. Facebook recently announced that Facebook Live (the most popular live streaming platform) will support 360-degree videos by early 2017, so don’t miss out, get your business in front of that camera and engage with your customers now! It has been said that people spend 3x more time watching Facebook Live videos compared to “normal” videos so it’s definitely a trend worth adopting!

Learn how to actively use Facebook Live to benefit your business here.

Our MD Simon Holt will be presenting “Why use video for your business in 2017” which you can either watch live on our Facebook page or even buy a ticket to go and see him in person and have the opportunity to discuss your video needs. Keep an eye out for updates on our Facebook page!


Facebook boasts more video views than YouTube. When you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed, 50% of what you see on there is video based; news updates, product advertising, funny videos, corporate videos and more. It is predicted that Facebook will go through big changes over the next two years to make it more video focused. So, keep up with the trend, start getting on top of how it works now so that you are ahead of the game!

Creating a video may seem daunting at first but remember, people are far more forgiving of “off the cuff” videos than they are about “thrown together” written information. In fact, it can even benefit you and your business for your target audience to see the “real you”, that includes making mistakes, looking vulnerable and even going in and out of focus. A grammar mistake or spelling mistake is unforgivable to the point where people can question your credibility. It is time to start getting in front of that camera!

Snapchat has surpassed Facebook in total video views. That is an incredibly impressive piece of information. Its success has exploded this year and even Instagram has adopted a daily story element which also follows the temporary content trend. Buying into this takes a leap of faith from marketeers as it goes against many traditional approaches to marketing, watching your content evaporate into the digital marketing stratosphere can be unnerving and seem pointless, however, Kerwin Rae, one of the top social media marketeers right now, mentions that businesses are yet to tap into the market of Snapchat – this will become more prevalent in 2017 as businesses harness this as marketing tool. It’s too big, you can’t hide from it forever…it’s time to get involved!

Video follows fashion trends just like everything else, especially when technology is developing so quickly it tends to lead the way. The biggest thing for video in 2017 is that is will become an even bigger part of marketing. If you are not using video in your marketing strategy in 2017 there is a chance you could fall behind. Find out here why video is so important to reach your target audience.


Because we all live in a visual culture….

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