The power of storytelling…via video of course

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The ancient art of storytelling is one that we still romanticise in medieval movies today. Travelling bards, like in the picture below, were the professional storytellers, known for the bold images they conjured in people’s minds as they travelled from town to town singing songs about life.

In 2021, the power and our love of storytelling hasn’t waned any, but the sophistication and technology with which we can tell them has. Through visual storytelling, we have one of the most powerful tools at our disposal to inspire action and raise awareness.

Video connects people to your cause

In an incredibly short time, video has the power to stir emotion, build trust with your brand and command attention. For charities and not-for-profits, these are important superpowers that draw people in to empathise and connect with the cause and show the impact of their work on real people. Nothing can be more important that for not-for-profits working in the charity space, and trying to seek more funding and support or drive behavioural change.

Video raises awareness

Video provides the opportunity for entertainment and delivers visual stimulation. It can be the medium through which people first learn about your business, issue or story, and then decide whether it matters to them. Capturing evocative moving images is my favourite way to tell my story – I know words have a place too which is why I’m writing here – but the entertaining and emotional impact that videos allow to create that first impression to drive awareness is unbeatable. 

Video inspires action

It is quite incredible to me that urgency and emotion conveyed in video can inspire immediate action. It can do this in a way that is difficult with words and static images alone. A good video not only inspires action, but generates dialogue, which is often a key precursor to change. Some people may think that because we’re a video production company, we’re at war with written storytelling, but this is not the case. I believe both mediums can work together to inspire action.

Video captures the journey

For many products and businesses, it is important to demonstrate to audiences change over time, or a process that leads to a desired outcome. A child regaining its sight, or a family taking care of each other after winning the lottery, are all powerful images of change, or before and after, and no other medium can capture such moments so succinctly and with such emotion than video can.

Whether it’s a documentary, a case study, a fundraising appeal or a project impact video, we would love to tell your story. We’ve been helping some of Australia’s most recognisable brands and not-for-profits to connect and engage with their audiences for more than 20 years and hope to be doing it for another 20 more.


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