The Importance Of Video Brand Guidelines

The Importance Of Video Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are an essential part of a company’s presence but do your guidelines include details on how to treat video? I hope so…

If you have them already, I applaud you. For those that haven’t, get on to your branding team straight away.

Every company should know how to implement video into their brand guidelines.

We all know brand guidelines, its’ a document outlining the company’s brand and style to be used correctly across all communications. When kicking off a project and a client asks “what do you need from us?”, we always request their latest brand guidelines.

I was on a call the other day with a regular client who was going through a brand update and an essential part of that update was an emphasis on motion and video. I was so pleased such detail had gone into the ways video needed to be treated to match their other media assets

Now, most brand guidelines include the usual must-haves – the correct treatment of the logo, the company colour palette and the fonts. Move down further and you will find details on the company tone and voice to portray, perhaps some examples of how the brand style is formatted for web, print and photography.

But now video must play a big part of those guidelines.

This is everything from the way to animate name titles, font’s to use, where to position these on screen. It may list filming techniques, how to set up interviews or film overlay footage. It even comes down to the best way to colour grade and choices of music.

Video content is a staple for every company, so it’s essential that it’s treated with the same uniformity as every other element of your brand and design library.