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By Danielle Frazzetto

Use television to showcase your brand to a mass audience

As most of us are aware consumer habits are continually dictating how videos are consumed, with funny non-interruptive advertising taking the place as the front-runner in promoting top quality, applicable video.

As the average user spends more than 21 hours per month watching more than 200 content videos, 30-60 second TV ad spots are regularly cut down to 15 seconds for online advertising. Search engines like Google devising Google AdWords for video offers businesses the need to pay only when ads are watched.

Australian commercial television is one of the highest advertising content providers in the world following the United States, which views TV advertisements as the most effective mass-market advertising format. This is reflected by the high prices TV networks charge for commercial broadcasting airtime during popular TV events such as the annual Super Bowl, which saw companies pay millions for a single 30-second TV spot.

With billions of people visiting YouTube worldwide every month, television and advertising videos are vastly becoming quicker and quirkier to ensure that these videos, which are constantly watched on the move, are presented in easily digestible formats. As online video accounts for more than one third of all online advertising, it is important, as it is with all media, that a business understands its consumers so that they can bring their business to life.

Interactive video is an art form and this deep engagement with the consumer creates a lasting impression and offers an even greater understanding of the customers needs and desires. The use of television and advertising videos can be seen to encourage customers to purchase.

More than ever, broadcast television is home to entire series based around branded entertainment. A perfect example is the long running What’s Up Downunder on network 10. It cleverly engages it’s audience week after week with various travel destinations around Australia while also showcasing the best that the caravanning and camping industry has to offer. Visual Culture spent a number of years providing post production services on the series which has developed a large fanbase nationwide.

Television production and advertising is also a lot easier than it sounds. With the right team and experience, the knowledge you choose to present should be in a creative, result-driven and hassle free format.

Visual Culture can guide your business through the cost of advertising on television, offer advice to develop your own TV series and also help with all comprehensive briefs ensuring a traffic increase attracted to your brand should be simple, educating and enjoyable.

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