Structuring The Perfect Case Study Video

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Case study videos or client testimonials are a brilliant way to market your business, so I’ve got a few quick tips on how to best structure them.

It’s a way to show your potential customers previous success stories and builds trust in your brand. Let’s say for a 2 to 3 minute video, the actual structure of the video could be:

First, grab a great 5 second soundbite from the interview and place it right up front to grab peoples attention.

Next, cut away to a quick title slide that outlines who the person and company are and maybe a line about the solution your service provided. For us, we often say “another bespoke video solution for…”

Now we want to find out a bit more about the person that we’re interviewing and their business, so get them to give a quick overview. You want to build trust and credibility by ensuring that the person that you’re interviewing is legitimate from a reputable business.

The next thing is to get them to identify and explain what the problem was and why they called on you to provide a service to fix that problem.

Then have them go into detail of the process you undertook and how you were able to effectively solve their problem.

Then finally, you finish off by asking, “Why would you recommend us?” Why is it that your business was selected ahead of others?

This is the key to a great case study video, you need to showcase the impact as to why your business is uniquely setup to provide that solution.

So there you go, using this structure is sure to engage potential customers and can position your business as a leader in the industry.

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