Return on your investment in Video Production

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By Danielle Frazzetto

It is known universally that video plays an essential role in a company’s marketing process and measuring a videos return on investment is not that different to traditional marketing campaigns. The process is what isolates the marketing style as video presents various opportunities to track and analyze data to deliver and potentially expose your business to a much wider or targeted audience. No matter what kind of video initiative your company wants to execute – whether it’s internal communications or consumer oriented, you’ve got to be able to show the results.

Here are some tips that can help.

1. Know your objectives and set goals in place. The simplest way to measure return on what you’re investing is by knowing your target audience and what message you are trying to deliver. You must first work out what it is you want your video to achieve; higher sales, inform employees etc. To do this it is important that you find a reputable video production company for a professional treatment, that way you are able to identify how creative you can be and who your intended audience is. During this time you will need to decide a clear call to action at the end of the video, perhaps a link to a certain page on your website created just for tracking video content.

2. Analysing data. With dozens of analytics tools at your fingertips online, it is easier than ever before to assess how customers are interacting with videos. It is known that people view up to 44% more webpages when video is present and that they are more likely to return to websites when video is present. Likewise blog posts, which contain video, are more likely to be read and similarly emails featuring video are more frequently opened. These analytical tools that demonstrate these facts also allow company’s to find out what is being watched until the very end, at what point people tune out and the demographic of your audience as well as the reach of shared videos.

3. Expert advice and partnerships. High quality content needs a strong distribution strategy. Partnering up with online video industry leaders provides numbers and reports with in-depth analytics and validation behind video ROI. Industry leaders like Visual Culture can advise how to deliver a consistent message so that your sales team can dramatically increase sales and customer engagement. Experts can also assist in effectively reducing the travel requirements of your sales team, which means they can book more meetings and this means managers and staff can all save time and therefore save your business money.

4. Creativity Online video is the best way businesses can direct traffic back to their websites but they need to be creative and convenient. There are two effective ways of achieving this: • Use video to capture internal events so that more people can attend a live video session. • Incorporate video-on-demand after an event so that you can maximise exposure and conveniently target those people unavailable for the live video session so that they can view the event at any time.

The Cisco Whitepaper case study outlined below is a great read and one that highlights the reliance on the ability to target a specific audience based on demographic, geographic and related limitations when it comes to ROI.

Is your business wondering whether an investment in video production will be a wise return. Give us a call at Visual Culture about how your ideas can be brought to the screen to maximize your investment.

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