Worried about creating video content because you’re not the outgoing type? Relax, you know your stuff. Now, we’re the first to say that it’s really hard to get in front of the camera. Take Simon for instance, our Managing Director at Visual Culture. Simon is a self-confessed introvert in every sense of the word, and even after 20 years in production, jumping in front of camera to share insights and information about his experiences in the industry, does not come naturally – even for someone with as much experience as him!

So many people are like Simon and get nervous in front of the camera, but when we’re standing on the other side of the lens, we’re often coaching people telling them to relax and have fun with it. Why do we say that? Because they know their stuff.

99% Of the reason why you’re being thrust into that position right in the center of screen is because you’re an expert in your particular field. So no matter how nervous you are of stuffing it up – the truth is, all you need to do is pretend you’re talking to a colleague around the boardroom table.

Now, let’s talk scripts. We see a lot of the time that people that are about to step in front of the camera have often brought in scripts, or they’ve practiced all of their responses ahead of time. Trying to memorise content will make you come across as a bit stiff and rehearsed – which doesn’t make for great content. The thing you need to remember, is that we (as the production company) are able to edit the content you provide us to make the most sense of it. If you ‘stuff up’ during your answer – simply start again. And if you need the question rephrased to help you answer it properly, then we can do that to.

We’re not saying don’t rehearse your answers – it’s definitely helpful to go into any interview prepared – but pretend like you’re going to give an educational speech or proposal instead of talking straight into a camera – that way, your natural ability to talk to people will come across and will seem charming, instead of stiff.

Most importantly, you need to trust your crew. After all, they’re there to make you look good. So, just relax. I know it’s easier said than done, but the sooner you do that, then the better and more natural your responses are gonna be.

If you’re looking to film some content for your business or organisation and need some help doing so – get in touch with our team today! We can help you produce content to perfectly communicate the messages you want to convey.


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