Why Promotional Video Production?

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Video is the best way to boost sales and promote your services

Sales and Promotion is a vital part of every business strategy. The use of special offers and other traditional approaches have been undertaken by organisations to promote an increase in sales, usage or trial of a product or service through originality and creativeness.

These traditional sales promotions activities have included customer relationship management with incentives such as bonus points, merchandising, free gifts, discounted prices, joint promotions, free samples, vouchers and coupons, competitions and prize draws, cause-related and fair-trade and finance deals.

But nowadays with everything moving online and attention spans varying quite quickly, new media such as websites and mobile phones can easily support a sales promotion. More so, video marketing is quickly becoming the most effective way to promote products and spread awareness and audience reach to increase sales for your business. Statistics show that upon viewing product videos purchases are seen to increase by 85 per cent. **

Successful video marketing briefs and videos will highlight the purpose or goal of business and its product, containing one single message for the audience to take away and a point of action, which the viewer will be compelled to make after watching your video. This could be incorporated by using an open-ended question posed to your audience at the end of the video. The video will be placed and uploaded in an appropriate medium to reach the targeted audience, whether that is on YouTube, TV advertising, Social Media or in a Podcast.

Once the brief is strong then it is important to choose a video style. This includes the tone of the piece, whether that be lighthearted or serious; the people who are in the video, whether they should be professionals or every day people; the production quality, filmed on the go or in a studio; and whether the video should be scripted or not. Genre is another factor to consider as videos can be narrated with visuals animated, music and imagery or they can be testimonial based or presented with actors.

Businesses also make their own promotional videos. When deciding to do a DIY video it is important to consider the pros and cons. Video making is a great challenge that can be fun but doing it yourself can mean spending a lot of a money educating yourself with books, purchasing or hiring equipment and spending the time to organise the preparation of the production including the location, crew and cast along with the post production processes.

When hiring professionals there are various costs involved which the business will need to budget for but you are assured to receive a top quality video prepared, filmed, edited and distributed by professionals in the industry. The video or production company can work together with the business to develop a creative yet practical video marketing strategy. Following this, the video company will organise the pre-production phase, planning out everything that is needed, including location scouting, crew selection, script creation, production schedules, meetings and interviews as well as availability considerations and risks in build up to the production stage.

In production the video professionals ensure that everyone is aware of the locations, checklists and safety measures are created and shared, meetings are arranged, equipment is tested and used and the actual recording of the video takes place. In post production the video team import the footage and make back up copies, the footage is edited for colour, exposure and sound corrections and reviewed by the team and business involved, titles, graphics and credits can be added and the video is then uploaded or exported and ready to be shared with the businesses audience.

Video marketing can be the most effective means of impressing your clients as the more impressions your video gets, the easier it will be for search engines to pick it up.

** (Internet Retailer 2010)

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