Production spotlight: bringing market research to life with 25 actors in 3 days!

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Organisations often commission costly market research, only to find the results left unread and unused. Even worse, the research fails to drive actionable change or improvement within the organisation.  One of our corporate clients wanted their research to be heard as well as shape the decision making at a senior level of the business. Our client chose video as a way of bringing their research insights to life – and they did so with great effect.

We worked closely with this client to develop a strategic and cost-effective approach to molding a large body of research into a series of clear, targeted videos. The following is an overview of the production strategy we undertook and is designed to show how easy the process is with Visual Culture.

The brief

The client’s market research involved interviews with business people across a diverse range of industries in Melbourne. Using voice recordings from each interview, our client developed a series of scripts and basic character and scene outlines for us to work from. Our task was to re-create each interview as close to the real scenario as possible within a very short time frame.

IMG_5521 Our approach

1. Location

With 23 scenes, we quickly decided that filming in one location, against a green screen backdrop would be the most efficient option in terms of budget at time.

2. Props

Our next step was to source the right mix of business furniture and props to create a number of different looks – from warehouse to corporate executive office settings.

3. Casting

We conducted an intensive casting call process, asking agents and actors to send video auditions for faster approvals. The successful actors were those that delivered a natural and professional read and in some way resembled the original interviewee.

4. Filming

On arrival, actors were thoroughly briefed about the exact business and type of person they were representing. Ensuring actors were well briefed and prepared allowed the actors to deliver an authentic and accurate performance. Each scene took between 2-3 hours to shoot. This included re-setting for different angles and looks. To add realism, the client and a research company representative played the interviewer role. We also utilised an auto-cue system to allow actors to focus on the performance rather than remembering lines.

5. Post-production

After filming, we were able to add in background visuals to finish each interview look. We created a number of edits for the client based on the key message they wished to highlight.

6. The outcome

We worked with 25 actors to deliver 23 scenes in 3 days. We spend another week on post-production – so the whole process was complete in two weeks! The client informs us that the research was well received resulting in positive changes within the business.

If you have research or complex information that you want to bring to life in a clear and engaging way, get in touch with the Visual Culture team today 1300 174 773 or [email protected] 

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