Advantages of pre-recorded event video content

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With many live events being shifted online, there is a big case to be made for pre-produced video presentations. While the unique experience of face to face presentations and mingling with peers is missed by many in the business world, it’s important not to put these events on hold – instead find innovative and creative ways of sharing those critical presentations.

Perhaps an awards night, training programs, seminars and exhibitions, annual business updates or team development sessions. There are a number of ways to enhance the engagement of this video content to temporarily fill the void of a live presentation:

  • Find one filming location that will adhere to health guidelines as outlined by the production team
  • Develop a schedule and book your talent to film their presentations separately
  • Allow reps of your team to view and direct the talent remotely
  • Use a green screen so your talent can appear in any location
  • Use an autocue, adlib the content or conduct an interview remotely
  • Bring the video to life with animated text, stats and key information
  • Include archive footage and images
  • Add elements of the team filming and presenting their own content
  • Focus on your sound design – music along with subtle sound effects throughout makes a big difference to the pace, tone and style of the video
  • Use animated themes such as logos and branding to create dynamic video frames, transitions and lower thirds
  • Storyboard ideas so presenters can interact with each other, even though they are filmed at different times. A simple example, passing a sign to the left of screen and having the next presenter grab it from the right
  • Add an animated countdown to the event video to generate interest and suspense and include key text call outs and various times throughout the countdown
  • Embed the video presentation in an interactive platform. For internal audiences, use a platform that allows your team to be part of the conversation, share their ideas and ask questions. The same goes for a public audience on social media, but ensure you monitor the interactions
  • Add in live feeds for some sessions such as a Q&A
  • Use the video content as shorter segments after the event for social media or internal comms.
  • Relax your presenters who may normally be a bit nervous about a live presentation, with the fact that they can redo multiple takes to get it 100% correct.
  • Give your team and various departments a chance to get creative in developing their own segments. Watch as try to outdo but also be inspired by other parts of the business.
  • Consider ways that you could monetise the event by having an audience pay a small fee for access to your information-rich content.
  • Create a seperate bloopers reel from the outtakes of your presenters, have fun with it.

By utilising some of these ideas, you are sure to see the audience engagement enhance with your pre-produced video events. If you are interested in exploring how Visual Culture can assist with producing great pre-recorded video presentations for your business, please reach out at [email protected] or 1300 174 773

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