The Power of Motivational Videos

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We have been lucky enough to have been involved with many large companies that have embraced video. What we are seeing recently is a swing towards companies using motivational videos.

You are fully aware that your staff are your best asset, you appreciate all they do and are only too aware that without them, your company would be nothing. But do they know? Over the last few years we have seen changing economic times right around the world and the impact this has had for companies having to tighten the belt. Most team members will know this is the case and do everything they can to help the company along. They are as invested as you are.

But have you considered giving them an update of where you are at right now, how the economic belt tightening has aided the firm? It’s increasingly important to keep them up to date and motivated. Use video to reach out and give them a big thank you for the work they have done, tell them they have made a huge difference, tell them they matter. Share the results that you as a team have achieved and make sure they know they are a vital cog.

A prime example of how motivating a team and individuals is of course through sports. Elements of feats achieved by athletes and their state of mind can also be implemented in the workplace. Recently the Wallabies have been doing the rest of sports mad Australia proud over in the UK, in the Rugby World Cup.

One of Visual Culture’s favourite Wallabies is the great man himself, Adam Ashley Cooper. We were lucky enough to catch up with Adam earlier this year at his club the NSW Waratahs, on behalf of our client and team sponsor CGU Insurance.

The whole production team came away from that day with a huge sense of achievement, having captured on video what drives this sporting giant. Not to mention the fact that we were all star struck, he is also a really nice and accommodating man, the whole experience was a great honour for us all.

Watching the video it’s the structure of beliefs that Adam has that have seen him reach the top of his profession. He talks about utilising every chance and how everyday is about hard work. No doubt sage advice for your team.
Adam has accepted a role with a French side for next season, so this year will be his last as a Waratah as well as a Wallaby. When we broached this subject with him, his message was simple “ I’d hate to go out knowing that I didn’t give it everything”, no fear there mate especially on the back of his hat trick in the semi final against Argentina. A performance that set the media world alight and helped significantly towards setting up a final with the feared All Blacks.

Adam spoke of the need for motivation, finding that extra ten percent sometimes needed to perform at his best “when you have buy in from the group it allows you to go out and perform at your best”.

Thanks Adam, good luck with your move to France and thanks for the motivation.

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