Client: Destination Happiness
Sizzle reel for TV show
Sizzle Reel, TV Series trailer


Destination Happiness is a brilliant resource for all of us who want to start to enjoy a happier, healthier lifestyle. The website and TV show provide you the very best tips and information from around the World!


To put together a 3 minute highlights package of the upcoming TV series. This video will be used for sponsorship purposes, to attract interest from TV networks and promote the show to a wide audience via social media.


The sizzle reel was produced in conjunction with production of the pilot episode for Destination Happiness. Along with highlights of segments from the show, we also combined footage from our extensive Visual Culture back catalogue to really showcase a happy, feel good sizzle reel. The pilot episode was filmed in a number of locations which Visual Culture helped produce including a sunny Sunday morning for the Run Geelong charity run, two days filming various segments around the Mornington Peninsula and up to Byron Bay for a cooking segment. It was important the sizzle reel explained a bit behind the premise of the show as well as giving short tastes of what each segment would be about.


The great news is that the show is now on air to a national audience. Check out their website for more information on where and when you can see it.