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The Small Business Digital Champions Project will provide 100 Australian small businesses with a comprehensive digital transformation for their business.

The objective of the Project is to:
• Help kick-start the digital transformation of 100 small and medium businesses in Australia; and
• Promote the benefits of successfully adopting and adapting digital technologies within a small and medium business context.

15 of the 100 participating small businesses have been selected to be ‘Digital Champions’ within the Project. In addition to the digital transformation support, these businesses will have the guidance and support of a Digital Mentor throughout the digital transformation journey. For promotional purposes, these digital transformation journeys will be filmed and documented.

The services to be performed by Visual Culture are expected to comprise of media films and videos to be produced for the Project. The purpose of the videos are to educate and promote the benefits of digital technology to the broader small and medium business community. The media content is to be relatable, motivational and provide a call to action for small businesses through the promotion of other businesses and the demonstration of the positive impact that digital transformation has had on businesses and/or personal circumstances.

You can view many of the case study videos here: