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Country Road Group

Visual Culture has played a pivotal role in Country Road Group’s onboarding and induction process, collaborating closely with the CRG communications team. Together, we meticulously planned and executed the production of engaging video content tailored for both store teams and support office staff. Working hand in hand, the CRG communications team prepared detailed filming schedules, question sets, and conducted interviews with over 30 individuals across the diverse spectrum of CRG’s retail brands. Additionally, they identified the most appropriate filming locations to ensure authenticity and resonance with the audience. This collaborative effort helped make the production run seamlessly, allowing us to capture the insights and experiences essential for effective onboarding.

As Visual Culture and the CRG communications team embarked on this project, our shared goal was to create videos that appealed to everyone within the House of Brands. Through our combined expertise, we crafted short interviews and compelling storytelling that resonated with employees at all levels, from front-line retail associates to corporate executives. In addition to the interviews, Visual Culture curated relevant overlay footage to enrich the viewing experience, providing context and depth to the content being discussed. This collaborative approach not only enhanced the quality and relevance of the video content but also fostered a sense of unity and shared purpose among new team members as they embarked on their journey with Country Road Group.