Marketing and Sales


Client brief
Bulla Dairy had enlisted a number of high profile chefs to run a series of cooking segments using the variety of Bulla cream products. Visual Culture was approached to produce these segments, with 5 recipes to be filmed in a day with 3 different chefs: George Calombaris, Kirstin Tibballs and Guillaume Brahimi. From savoury dishes to desserts, each chef told a story throughout the segments and how Bulla cream really is a hero of the dishes. From these segments, we needed to produce 5 minute videos to show the recipe in full detail, but also produce a series of 15 second videos for social media.

Our Approach
We put our full team to work on this project which included Director, 2 cameramen, a Producer and Sound Recordist. We aimed to streamline filming of 5 segments per day, and produced a strict structure for the day. Our two cameramen were actually responsible for 3 cameras so we could cover many different angles of the cooking process. Once each recipe was complete, we then set up the ‘hero’ shot and quickly whisked it off to the photographers (while the dishes were still hot). Our chefs were all fantastic to work with and worked well to coordinate all the key stages of the recipes, even pausing at some points so we could get our helicopter shot of the kitchen bench (all done with a step ladder).

In post production, most segments ran about 20 minutes initially so it was a case of cutting these down to 5 minutes, with a three cameras synched. While the dialogue was easy to cut down to 5 minutes, we then had to go through and decide which camera angle worked best for each stage of the recipe and in a lot of cases, go back to the raw content to find the very best scenes. Once the edit was complete, we needed to highlight the ingredients with simple text animations and also include any key tips. Finally, some after effects work for the introduction and also music throughout and the videos were complete.

The client has been really pleased with the results and as such have more plans for future videos in the past with their stable of ‘chef’ stars.