Client: Bakers Delight
Project: Recipe Videos
Style: Branded Content and Stop Motion


Bakers Delight are famous for their delicious freshly baked bread, and nearly all of us have experienced the delights of their naughty scones and pastries. What we didn’t know was that Bakers Delight have taken to promoting healthy, balanced eating and have provided some beautifully crafted wholesome and delicious recipes to inspire their customers. The recipes are available on their website and range from peanut butter and banana toast snacks to pulled pork burgers and more.


We were approached by the Bakers Delight team who provided a simple brief. The request was for some creative and simple stop motion videos to provide their customers with a visual recipe to follow. A day filming delicious food? What more could we ask for!


It was important not to lose sight of what the key ingredients is to these videos; Bakers Delight bread! We had to make the bread come to life, through stop animation. To do this, we set up a stills camera and for each of the 6 recipe videos, over 100 stills where taken. Between each photo we meticulously moved the items in the scene slightly, to show which products were being used for different stages of the recipe. Our expert photographer and food stylist were fantastic to work with. In post production, we stitched all these photos together to create a sequence and then added text to emphasise key ingredients and processes (not to mention that catchy Bakers Delight theme music).


Bakers Delight were delighted by the video and successfully racked up the views on social media channels.