Our Video Production Process

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So, you’ve made the smart decision to have a video made…what’s next?

Many people can feel daunted by the idea of making a video. Everyone is doing it and it’s time to get your up to speed! Videos are being created in the corporate world for learning, training, advertising, promoting, sharing, engaging, collaborating…basically everything your business needs. SO I thought I’d break down our process for you, so you can see how easy (and fun!) creating a video really is:

Tell us what you want

Starting initial conversation is the hardest bit. Give us a call or send us through an enquiry on our website. Include what you want the video for, who your target audience is, when you want it. We will follow up with a call to ask a few more questions to make sure we are all on the same page. You have a better understanding of your business than we do, but we know video, just explain to us what your business wanted out of it and our team can translate.

Chat money

Everyone has a budget, and usually a tight one. Based on the phone call we have just had, it is time for us to put together a ballpark quote together for you to see the breakdown of costs coupled with a proposal which will include our interpretation of ideas and how we will approach the production. If everything is to your liking and you decide Visual Culture is your video production team of choice, this is when we flesh out your video ideas and produce a more accurate and detailed quote. Once this is signed off and everyone is happy…it’s time to rock and roll!


This is where our busy bees in pre-production start putting everything into place. Pre-production includes all logistical and creative preparation needed for the big day, this includes elements such as defining creative concepts, writing scripts, choosing locations and booking in crew and equipment. A call sheet will be sent to you detailing the schedule for the day of filming, just run your eye over it and make sure we have everything in place, give us the thumbs up and we are good to go.


Have a day on set with our fun team.

Depending on the scale of the production our basic crew starts with a camera operator, a producer/director and assistant. Other crew additions include second cameras, make-up artists, talent and more.

The camera operator will arrive with broadcast camera and lighting kit. All our crew are experienced hand picked professionals with the appropriate background experience to shoot your video at the highest standard. We have all created videos featuring professionals and amateurs alike and will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Enjoy being behind the scenes and get to see how the whole project is starting to come together.


Sit back and relax while we create a first edit for you…the magic starts happening here. This first edit is to piece together the video to make sure it is portraying the key messages you want in there. Once you have received your first edit of the video collate all your feedback from all interested parties and send it over to us. Please note that all our quotes include one round of changes in the edit suite so make sure you get all the feedback from the team all in one go. Receive your final edit, which you can shout about and share and have fun with.

Share and enjoy

See the benefits of using video for all aspects of business development.

Because we all live in a Visual Culture


Written by Izzy Watts, Video Producer

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