Why You Need Client Review Videos

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Video content has fast become one of the most effective means of getting through to your potential customers. The audio and visual element in the video make it a lot more relatable for the customers. It provides a more immersive experience for the viewers, and it is able to convey the content you need to communicate it to them more effectively.

In the modern world of digital marketing, the key concept of testimonials – particularly customer testimonial videos – are rapidly becoming the most effective means of clever marketing. People are more likely to sample a product or hire a service based on good reviews, rather than out of sheer trust.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL - Rebekah Taka, CGU Insurance

Visual Culture - Bulla Testimonial

When your viewers identify another customer talking about your business, it suddenly becomes more relatable for them. It is a genuine person informing you of how satisfied they are with your business. Whereas written reviews are not as effective because people don’t necessarily trust them. They are something you can easily fake and your websites visitors (prospective customers) are acutely aware of that.

Excellent quality and honest customer testimonial videos possess a crucial human element in them. Whenever your prospective customers are thinking about making a purchase decision, they are carefully considering alternative options, and watching a video of a ‘real-life’ client’s excellent experience can typically mean all the difference when it comes to them determining that choice.

Testimonial Videos are also a great way to promote value within your company. Potential customers will be less skeptical about your business when they see someone like themselves saying what you have to offer is good – and therefore are likely to spend more to gain the same outcome as your previous clients.

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