Making a first impression a lasting impression

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The importance of making a good first impression can be influential in securing that new job, signing a new client or impressing the coach to select you on the team.

We’ve all had a moment in life where we’ve seen or experienced something for the first time – and it’s left a long and lasting impression on us. It could be visiting a travel destination for the first time, hearing a song that changed your life or tasting a new delicious dish. What was it about each experience that made it memorable? What was special or different?

getty_rf_photo_of_girls_laughing_at_video_on_laptopIt’s no different when customers and clients interact with your business for the first time.  What’s the first thing they see and how will they remember you? In a world where customers are time-poor and easily distracted, you don’t have long to command attention and get your message heard, so it’s crucial your video makes a good impression with your selected audience. As the saying goes – you only get one chance to make a first impression! Video is the perfect tool for making that first impression meaningful and lasting. Here are our five top tips to make your next video something your customers will never forget!

1) Get to the point

Ever noticed how YouTube allows you to skip an advertisement after 5 seconds? That’s not a long time for advertisers to get their key message across and compel you to keep watching. Although your video may be longer than the typical 30-second ad, you should still aim to get your main message across quickly. Even if people don’t stick around to watch the full video – that first 5-30 seconds is what they will remember, so make it count.

2) Make it memorable

We’ve all experienced meeting someone or hearing something that’s stuck, just stayed with us. What was it about that experience that made it memorable? Often it comes down to a small detail, something that’s just done a little differently. Perhaps it challenged your expectations, surprised you or made you laugh. Sales and marketing content often follows a format. While it’s important to include the basics like features and benefits, it’s important not to roll out the same style of content again and again.

It doesn’t need to be complicated – it just requires thinking outside the box. Think laterally and approach your message from a different angle or perspective.  Use people or case studies that might not be the typical choice. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative. Use visual techniques such as animation and graphics to bring your message to life.  There are so many options to make your video memorable.

3) Be clear and concise

It’s happened to all of us before. We’ve watched an ad or video and wondered– what was all that about? Don’t let this be your business! If your video message confuses people, it’s unlikely to leave a positive first impression. Consider your target audience and think about what will makes sense to them.

Take time to plan, storyboard and identify the purpose and key messages for your video. This will ensure your video is clear, relevant and effective. Don’t be afraid to test the video with your target audience too. If it makes sense to them – you are on the right track to leaving an accurate first impression.

4) Build drama

Okay, so our first tip was to get your key message across quickly. This doesn’t mean your video has to be done and dusted in 5 seconds. An effective video should be a visual story that takes your audience on a journey. Even if it’s an instructional video, or a simple ‘how to’ – it should still appeal to emotion and engage us with a new piece of information (your key message).  Building drama can be achieved in a number of ways. It can be as simple as choosing music. It may be a track that starts slow and builds to something energetic. It may be how you structure the story. You could start by setting the scene and introducing characters one by one. You might do a reveal towards the end adding an element of surprise to the story.

5) Will people watch it again and again?

‘Sharability’ is the buzzword of the content marketing world. This is when a customer or client shares something they see, read or watch usually via personal social media channels. Brands love this concept because third-party endorsement is free and effective. You’re far more likely to take notice when someone you know and trust shares a brand message.

So how do you make something shareable? There is no magic formula we’re afraid (we’d be billionaires if there was!). It really comes down to one simple fact: have you made a meaningful connection with your audience?  To do this, you must know your audience. You need to know what they’re likely to engage with. This requires a bit of research and also testing if you have time. The time you spend getting to know your audience will pay off. If you successfully engage and entertain your audience, they’re likely to watch your video again and again and feel compelled to share the experience with others (free promotion for you!).

For more ideas about how to make a great first impression with your next video production get in touch with the Visual Culture team today 1300 174 773 or [email protected]  

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