How to keep people engaged while filming during COVID

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People around the world are continually adjusting to the new normal of social distancing, mask wearing and the hybrid of in the office and working from home. Small business owners, social media managers and video producers are learning how to quickly pivot campaigns, adjust content calendars, and come up with new creative ideas to market their products or services.

As difficult as we may find these changes, staying connected is now more important than ever. People and businesses are relying on digital channels in order to stay in touch with friends, consume the news, purchase goods and of course for entertainment. 

The good news is that restrictions have eased which means the professional video crew are available to film with you again. We suspect remote video recordings will still be around for some time yet as they allow for additional flexibility and speed. 

So how can you create a great video (in person or remotely)?

We believe in safety first and have taken extra precautions to ensure our filming crew and clients are comfortable with our process. 

So whether you’re looking to record in person or through remote video, we have some great tips to help you create a high quality video.

Master the art of relaxed high energy!

  • Come into the experience with confidence 
  • Prioritise human connection and remember your audience
  • Keep the story behind your video in mind
  • Forget the idea of “the perfect take”
  • Optimise your environment

When it comes to filming during challenging times, like COVID your ‘studio’ and environment will most likely look very different. This can bring added complexity to your filming which you might not be used to. It could be as simple as having children around so you need several more takes than normal, all the way to having to film out of your bedroom and make it look ‘professional!’

Here are some simple and effective ways to help you film with energy, precision and professionalism when it comes to COVID times. 

  1. Practice your presentation before filming
  2. Find a good location with a nice background
  3. Use plenty of light
  4. Use a clean background
  5. Prioritize crisp, clear audio
  6. Avoid shaky footage
  7. Keep your editing simple
  8. Review your audience feedback and refine your approach for the next video

There’s no doubt that filming will have its challenges and may even test your patience, but the good news is – videos are highly sort after and prove time and time again to generate strong levels of engagement. In Australia alone, research shows that consumption of social media doubled from 18 per cent in June 2019, to 41 per cent in June 2020 which means people are searching for content. 

Pre-recorded videos help minimise the additional complexities of filming during COVID. A clear strategy with detailed messaging (keeping your target audience at the forefront) will highly likely drive positive results! 

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